I chose

June 6, 2009 at 11:13 am (Daily Workouts/Eats, General Life Updates)

Yesterday I chose to eat according to a schedule, to eat things that taste good and are good for me. I chose to run and do pushups. It felt good.

I made a different kind of shake today – inspired by infomercials. 🙂 I watched a couple informercials yesterday, a past-time I haven’t indulged in a long time. But there were a couple of things I was interested in, but won’t buy due to money restrictions. One was the Bullet Express; the folks juicing on the informercial gave me the idea for my shake today. The other informercial I saw that intrigued me was for Wen Hair Care. But anyway, back to my shake.

I have a juicer – it isn’t a very fancy or powerful one, but it will do the basic job. I’m out of spinach, which has been the base of my shakes for a while now. I wanted a shake this morning, but I didn’t want it to be just fruit although that would have been good. And since the only really juicy vegetable I had on hand was carrots, I juiced a whole bunch of baby carrots. Then, since we’re out of milk (I know, I need to go shopping), the kids were having granola bars and applesauce for breakfast and the applesauce was out. My shake consisted of 1/2 cup of plain yogurt, some lemon drop stevia, 1/2 cup applesauce, about 6 ounces of fresh carrot juice, and about a cup of frozen strawberries. I added 4 pieces of ice, but it was still really thin. That’s the one thing I need to work on with my shakes – they are more like juice than shakes in consistency. But it was such a pretty color! Kind of a salmon pink, and it tasted really good!

I’m trying to stay on plan, eating well and healthy, without tracking in sparkpeople. I might go back to sparkpeople to find calorie content on new things I might eat. But for now I’m eating things that I basically know how they add up, so as long as I don’t binge like I did most of this week (eating every time I had a second between tasks), I think I should be staying within the right calorie parameters.

Tonight is zoo night for my SIL’s work, and she has invited us. K won’t be able to go; he’ll be working. But the kids and I are going, and I’m excited. I haven’t told P yet, because I don’t want to hear ‘is it time? are we going now?’ all day. We have our new side-by-side umbrella stroller for the kids that we haven’t used yet since its been so rainy all week, so I’m strangely excited to get to use it. And I hope the kids really enjoy themselves seeing all the animals. Other than the zoo and some grocery shopping, I don’t have any other plans for today.


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