My Best is All I Can Do

May 28, 2009 at 8:06 pm (Daily Workouts/Eats, General Life Updates)

Last night when I was putting the kids down (we have a routine that involves them watching a cartoon in my room tucked into my king size bed while K2 drinks his bottle and they wind down), I laid down across the foot of the bed to wait until the cartoon was over and I basically passed out. Conked. Snoozed. Whatever.

I finally made myself wake up to put K2 to bed (he loved that he got to stay up a little later than normal) at 8:30, and then instead of letting P watch something else after I brushed her teeth and said prayers with her, I put her straight to bed as well. And then I convinced myself (against much opposition) to exercise. I did intervals for 35 minutes instead of 45 and then did some leg squats. And boy, was I pleased with myself for recovering from that mini-nap. I almost had myself convinced to take one more night off to go straight to bed.

Tonight I hope to get to bed a little earlier. I think last night was at about 11:00 exactly. Tonight I’m aiming for 10:50. I’m going to try and work it back 10 minutes a night until I get to bed by 10:30 and can actually get to sleep.

Worked in the office today. Had a little incident with someone saying something really snide, me walking out of a meeting totally pissed but without saying anything back. I went back in after I cooled off, hoping no one had realized how ticked I was. No such luck, but the person that offended me might have still been clueless. It was nice to know I wasn’t the only one who thought I was justified in being torked. Other than that, it was a productive day and I have plenty to do when I go in next Tuesday. I should make a list before I forget what I need to do when I get there.

Made chicken tacos when I got home from the chicken in a can we get at Sam’s. K had agreed to help me with dinners on the days I go in, but he didn’t manage it today. I almost had him go and get us some Subway, but I was very pleased with myself for pulling a quick, healthy dinner out of nowhere with no planning. While hanging out with the kids outside after dinner, I decided to take our dog C for a sprint. I asked our neighbor to watch the kids for a couple minutes and I ran down the street around the corner and down another street and back (about a block total) at pretty much a sprint the whole way. It felt good to stretch it out like that, but I have to admit it was uncomfortable since I hadn’t prepared with a COMPLETELY empty bladder like I should have. Darn pelvis muscles that can’t hold it together anymore. Ugh. Anyway, C got her sprint on and seems more tired tonight. I’m getting a nose lead this weekend so I can take her with the kids without her pulling so much I can’t even enjoy myself, and I’m looking forward to giving her some exercise each day. I think she’ll be a lot more cheerful.

Well, gotta make K2’s bottle so I can get the kids to bed and get to exercising. Going to do arms tonight after my jog. All while I watch SYTYCD. Yay! Last night of auditions, then next week we get to start getting to know contestants. I love this show!


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