Quiet Afternoon

May 24, 2009 at 8:27 pm (Daily Workouts/Eats, General Life Updates)

Church was good this morning. The kids enjoyed themselves in primary, and I got to listen to the lessons in my two classes, even though I didn’t hear much of the talks in sacrament meeting. After church we came home and had lunch and the kids watched 1.5 cartoons before I had P turn it off and put K2 to bed for his nap. He didn’t get one yesterday at all with all the excitement of having cousin A here all day. 2.5 hours longer than she was supposed to be here, by the way. But it wasn’t her mom’s fault, it was a holiday weekend at a military grocery store. Of course it was impossible to get in and out of there quickly.

I spent the afternoon yesterday first with both my parents and then with my mom and the kids. It was a nice day. Mom purchased us a couple things at the Vitamin Cottage that I found out is near our house, and I tried a Larabar Peanut Butter Cookie bar. Three ingredients and it was really good. The more I ate of it the more I liked it.

Anyway, back to today. There was a little b-day party for the boy across the street today but I didn’t tell P about it. I figured it is easier for her not to know what she missed than to try and explain at this point why we do and don’t do certain things on the Sabbath. I wish they’d had the b-day party on Saturday or tomorrow on the holiday afternoon so that I could have taken her, but it is what it is. Since she didn’t even know about it, she wasn’t upset. So hopefully it won’t be mentioned to her by the neighborhood kids that did get to go.

I colored with her for a while, read her some books. Then I spent quite a while on Facebook trying to locate friends from the past and cousins that I haven’t talked to for a long time. I sent out about 5 friend requests, so I’m excited to see if they accept me and if I sent them to the right people in the first place. 🙂 I also updated my profile with a new picture of me, taken with the webcam today. The epitome of recent. I was happy to see that I really don’t look that different than the 6 year-old engagement photo that I had been using. People keep telling me I still look the same, but I feel like such a different person that I always think I must look totally different as well. I also uploaded a bunch of pictures of the kids, some from P’s preschool graduation and some from just hanging around the house. I have already received a few comments on my profile pic and on the pics of the kids. Its nice to know someone’s paying attention. Its also cool to hear from people you haven’t talked to in years. I can see how people would waste a lot of time on Facebook. Before today, it had been a couple weeks since I’d spent more than a few seconds out there.

I made sweet potato fries, hamburgers, and steamed brocolli and cauliflower for dinner tonight. I had my hamburger on a low-carb-high-fiber tortilla with some string cheese and lettuce. K and the kids had theirs on wheat bread and seemed to enjoy them. The fries were really good – I love sweet potato fries I just don’t like making them. Stirring them while they cook in the oven always fries my face. No pun intended. Anyway, dinner was a little higher in calories than my typical dinner, so with a pudding for dessert I’m already at my desired limit of calories for the day, especially since I don’t work out on Sundays. I’m worried that after the kids go to bed (in about 20 minutes, I’m letting them stay up since K2 woke from his nap so late), I’ll get the uncontrollable munchies. Just gotta keep repeating my mantra – updated this morning – 198, 198, 198! I’m also considering taking a walk on the treadmill, about the speed it would be if the weather had been nice enough for a walk this evening outside. Still haven’t decided – mostly because I’m not sure I want to put on socks and my sneakers. 🙂

K2 took off his shirt (a new talent) and now he’s trying to figure out how to get it back on. If I reach out to help, he jerks away like – how dare you try to help me, woman! I can do this myself! So funny. Ok, now he’s given up and is moving on to other activities sans shirt.

Tomorrow morning is the Memorial Day breakfast for our ward at the church building. I’m excited because I invited my parents and most of the people in my ward don’t know them. So they’ll get to meet some folks that I talk about sometimes, and people in my ward will realize my parents are locals, too. I’m going to try to keep my intake reasonable – I’m hoping there will be fresh produce there and not just pancakes and syrup. Then later we’ll probably go to my parents’ house, whether K is awake to come or not. He got about 4 hours of sleep this morning, about 2 this afternoon. He’s absolutely wiped, the poor man.


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