May 21, 2009 at 7:31 pm (Daily Workouts/Eats, General Life Updates)

If I went back over the past 3 weeks, I *think* I’d find that there are enough treat meals and binge evenings to average about 3 messed up diet days a week. I *think* that is why I’ve plateaued and am bouncing around between first 206 and 203 and now 204 and 201. I’m *hoping* that a consistent string of restraining-myself days will break me through this and start taking me down again. Below 200. I am so excited for the day I step on the scale and it says 199! I am just sure it will start a snowball affect of new motivation.

That said, I’m hoping that my running shoes hold up. And I’m hoping that I can keep from binging again anytime soon – or ever. I’m hoping that my intake is correct for weight loss. And that the fact that I can’t afford to join the Lean Eating Coaching Program by John Berardi that starts in a week isn’t a horrible set-back. I mean, I’d love to have a chance at the 10,000 dollar prize, but I can’t afford to fork out 600 bucks over the course of 6 months on the 1 in 100 chance that I’ll see some of that money returned. I have a list of bills sitting by my computer that I can’t pay, and I just can’t justify the LECP. I mean, there’s a good chance I wouldn’t be able to even afford the food they’d tell me to eat after I paid to join the program!

So I hope that keeping within my recommended sparkpeople intakes is the way to go. For example, here is the macronutrient breakdown for today:

Calories: 1486
Fat: 39
Carbohydrates: 214 (a little higher than most days due to serving of lasagne for dinner)
Protein: 69 (little lower than normal due to said lasagne)
Fiber: 30

If there’s anyone out there reading that’s somewhat of an expert, does that sound like it’ll work? And I know pretty much no one is going to answer that question, so I’ll keep on keeping on and hope for an eventual response from my body.


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