Wednesday, May 20th

May 20, 2009 at 12:56 pm (Daily Workouts/Eats, General Life Updates)

Yesterday, I had a good day. Got a lot done (see list on last post), ate the right things, though the day was a little low calorically. Worked out hard, even though I struggled to run with the weird digestion feelings I had going on (felt like I needed to go …  you know, #2 …. but I already had and couldn’t anymore). Didn’t do a lot of weight work, just 2 sets of legs afterward. But still worked up a good sweat.

And then this morning I wasn’t down much, just to 202.5 from 203 yesterday. I have to admit I was disappointed. In my mind, one day should correct past problems, should take me down to where I want to be. I want quick results. 🙂 So now I need to dedicate myself to continuing to eat well and in reasonable proportions and continuing to work out – EVEN IF THE RESULTS CONTINUE TO BE SLOW. I don’t know what else to do besides what I’m doing. A friend of mine that’s never really had to lose significant amounts of weight (just pregnancy weight from two pregnancies), and she suggested mixing up my workouts, such as doing weights first before running or doing my weights in a different order, to jump start my muscles again from their possible boredom. I don’t know.

Today I have a list and I’ve done almost everything on it already. I’m going to make a simple lasagne for dinner tonight, since I don’t have to make it to take to a grieving widow like I thought I was going to have to. The kids and I went to playgroup, I’ve done some cleaning and the dishes. There are just a couple more things I want to get done today – and I want to get a good sweat on tonight. I might do T-Tapp again tonight to give my muscles a rest from running stress.

Going to the office tomorrow. Not excited about it, but I’ll be asking my boss if I can work a little more for a while.

I really want to push past this plateau. I’m also considering going back to week one of the LIFE diet. Haven’t decided yet – I’ll get my book back next week from the lady I lent it to. I’ll evaluate at that time.


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