Sunday, May 17th

May 17, 2009 at 2:07 pm (Daily Workouts/Eats, General Life Updates)

Again, no clever titles come to mind.

Today was church. I had every intention of getting up early enough to make myself a fruit smoothie before leaving this morning, but after not being able to get to sleep until about 1 AM, it just didn’t happen. I did scarf down an Activia Light Fat Free Vanilla Yogurt, and I partook of some of the kids’ goldfish while at church. Needless to say I was pretty hungry by the time we got home.

I made a smoothie from a 1/4 cup of fat free dannon plain yogurt, a few drops of stevia, one kiwi, about 8 strawberries, and some water and ice. It was a bit too thin and the kiwi was ripe enough that it didn’t taste as good as it could have, but it was pretty tasty. But I wanted to chew on something so about an hour later I thought I’d have something else. I ended up doing something I’ve done before on a smaller scale and simplified. I had a small tortilla, one egg (cooked in the microwave so it cooked itself into a flat shape almost the same size as the tortilla), some spinach, and a sprinkling of mozarella cheese and salt and pepper. I lined the tortilla with spinach and then laid the flat egg on top of that with a little cheese and rolled the whole thing into a twist that was pretty cool looking when I bit into it. I haven’t cooked an egg in the microwave in a long time and I’d forgotten how easy and convenient it is. Next time I think I’ll spray the bowl first, though this one didn’t stick much even without the spray. I ate the wrap with a few baby carrots and now I feel quite satisfied.

My lesson today went okay. I wasn’t feeling it like I have in the past – I think that might be a reflection of my lazy scripture study lately. I haven’t really been looking for personal inspiration as hard as I was a few weeks ago, so that is something I’d like to improve on. This week will be another week of trying to adjust my schedule so that everything doesn’t have to happen at night after the kids are in bed.

My throat is scratchy today. I’m hoping that I don’t get a very bad cold – please let it be mild and not interfere with my routine. K2 is sick, but he doesn’t seem too miserable aside from being boogier and hoarser than normal. P is coughing a little at night but seems fine other than that. Of course, I’ve been giving them their vitamins and haven’t been taking any myself.

Not sure what else I’m going to do today. I’m kind of tired, but if I take a nap chances are I won’t be able to get to sleep at a reasonable hour tonight. So we’ll see. K2 is asleep, K should be home from work soon, and P is watching a recorded Sesame Street. There is a whole chicken cooking in the oven for dinner, though I don’t know how it will turn out since I did the seasoning and K was supposed to do that. Fingers crossed. Perhaps we’ll have some mashed potatoes with it, or baked potatoes. We need to use our potatoes for sure.

I went grocery shopping with my mom yesterday. I’m so grateful that my parents are in a situation such that I can prevail upon her for a few weeks’ of groceries when I need to – it is such a blessing that they can help me out like that. Yesterday was nice – good company and I didn’t have to compare prices and buy stuff I didn’t want as much simply because it was the cheapest. I didn’t go crazy, I mean she has a budget too, but it was nice to be able to get what I needed. Unfortunately, I already know of something that I got to try (never had it before) and I tried it last night and it really wasn’t good. I guess that will be the treat for when all the other treats are gone.

I’m going to be talking to my boss at work this week about starting to come in 2 afternoons a week instead of 1, IF they can use me that much. K has a plan that requires me working more for a couple months; I’m not excited about it at all. Funny considering I QUIT back in October so we could live on his check. For roughly 2.5 months, we saved my check almost entirely and now we’re back to depending on it, small as it is. Vexing to the extreme. I’m almost hoping that my boss tells me there isn’t budget for them to pay me for twice the hours (would be 8/week instead of 4/week); I don’t really know what to expect.

My eyes are getting heavier and heavier as I sit here so I guess a nap is looking more and more likely.


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