Thursday, May 14th

May 14, 2009 at 9:44 am (Daily Workouts/Eats, General Life Updates)

I really hate coming up with titles. Since this is basically for my own use and not for a readership (since I don’t have one), I figure clever titles are superfluous. I might just start putting the date in there from now on.

This week has been going well on the eats front. Rededicating myself this weekend via some self-talk, taking pictures, and evaluating my attitude seems to have helped. It probably also helped that my hormones are settled down from TOM. Tuesday afternoon we had a BBQ at my SIL’s house where there was offered hamburgers, brats, hot dogs, white buns for everything, pasta salad, and oven crinkle fries. Not diet-friendly fare at all. But I had 1/2 a hamburger with some lettuce, about 1/2 a cup pasta salad and quite a few fries. I also had a big glass of juice and some M&M’s from the evil jar sitting on her kitchen counter. For the past couple weeks a meal like that would have set me off when I got home – binging and not working out. But I didn’t eat anything else for the rest of the evening and I worked out hard. And I maintained. No harm done.

I’ve been maintaining at my low of 202 since Monday morning. I’m trying to mix up my meals a little and eat try some different stuff. I actually considered taking pictures of my food yesterday I enjoyed it so much. But that’s too much work for me. 🙂 I made some pureed veggie soup yesterday out of the frozen vegetables that I have that don’t steam up very well to eat that way – they get mushy and just aren’t tasty. So I steamed them and blended them and added them to some chicken broth and some seasoning and it is actually quite good and surprisingly filling. I had it as part of my afternoon snack yesterday.

Today I go to the office. While I hope K will make dinner while I’m gone, realistically he’s going to have to sleep. So I’ve got some chicken thawing and I’ll make dinner as soon as I get home and hope I get it done in time for K to eat before he has to leave. I have resolved to not even take a good look at any of the candy jars in the office, and I will be taking a snack. I have a meeting at lunch where they are providing salads, so hopefully that will fill me up pretty well. I hope to just get some stuff done and not have to talk a lot about how demoralizing everything is at the office right now – that kind of talk just really gets me stressed out. I just want my 4 hours worth of money, really. I don’t want to come home emotionally exhausted. Mentally exhausted is bad enough. 🙂

Last night I did T-Tapp for the first time in over 6 months, and it was a refreshing change. I honestly didn’t feel like I got as good of a calorie burn as I get when I run and lift, but it was a difficult workout and I feel like it worked my body in a very different way. Tonight I will run and I haven’t decided if I’ll tapp again this week or if I’ll just run. Probably depends partially on my shins and how tight they get.

We went to playgroup yesterday and the wind was so viciously cold (even though the sun was quite warm) that we only stayed for about 15 minutes. The kids would have kept playing, but the moms (me and one other mom) were freezing. Same kind of thing happened this morning, the first morning I’ve managed to get my butt in gear in time to meet at the park at 8:30 for walking group and the wind was vicious again and the other mom (same mom as yesterday) didn’t come, I’m assuming because of the wind. We stayed at the park for a little over 10 minutes and then we headed out for home. Brrrr. Hopefully by next Tuesday (walking group is T, Th, and playgroup is W) this wind will have subsided and we’ll have some for-real warm weather. I’d rather sweat, I think, than stand in this wind with the sun being so frustratingly ineffective.

Better get ready for the office. The kids are watching Sesame Street. Hopefully they’ll stay pretty happy while I get ready – I’d always rather get ready when K2 is asleep or with his dad, but that’s not an option when K is working mornings.


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