May 5, 2009 at 1:30 pm (Daily Workouts/Eats, Plan, Weight Loss)

I read a post yesterday written by someone that has lowered their BMI to the normal weight range, and they were very excited (rightly so). It had been a while since I’d looked at my BMI, so I thought I’d check it out. Right now, I’m sitting at 26 pounds lost (it was 28 until I had a couple days of struggle over the weekend, which I’m determined not to justify with enough attention as to post about it).

After plugging my information into a BMI calculator, it shows that my current BMI is still obese: 32.9. I have to get it down 3 more points to be in the simply overweight range. That will be when I reach 185 lbs, 19 more pounds. Since that was slightly discouraging, I thought I’d see how far I’ve come. My BMI 2 short months ago was 37.1 at 230 lbs. That made me feel better. I’ve lowered my BMI by 4.2 points in 2 months and I’ve done it through intense exercise and a lot of healthy eating. Go me!

My mother took me clothes shopping for Mother’s Day (you don’t know how much I wish I could afford to do the same for her) on Saturday. I didn’t have a clear idea in mind of what I’d be looking for, and I had no idea what size I’d be. After trying on a bunch of stuff at Dress Barn, we discovered that I’m in a size 16 pants and either an XL or 1X shirt. It was very exciting, though I have to admit I think my mom was more excited for me to get into those pants than I was. My distraction was twofold – 1) K2 was with us and was kind of hard to contain – he kept trying to open the dressing room door from the inside while I was changing. Now that he can reach door handles he is more dangerous. He also wasn’t feeling very well so he was a little more fussy than usual. 2) Like I mentioned, I struggled over the weekend and from my lowest weight Thursday morning of 202, I actually peaked at 206.5 Sunday morning. Calories were back down to desired levels on Sunday, but Thurs, Fri, and Sat were troublesome. I take it as a learning experience and I’m moving forward, but it put a slight dent in my non-scale-victory of new, smaller clothes to be slightly worried about my lapse from my dieting “zone”. And I am dieting, there is no doubt about it. I think I’m making changes that will stand me in good stead for the rest of my life, but I am eating lower amounts of calories than I hope to be able to eat when I’m maintaining. Being on the lower end of 1200-1500 most days is sometimes hard, sometimes easy. Since I was slightly worried about my mini-gain, I didn’t enjoy the new sizes like I should have.

Some of the things I am trying to ingrain as habits to use the rest of my life:

1) Lots of fresh vegetables. Having some vegetable serving(s) at both lunch and dinner and possibly a snack EVERY DAY. Part of the reason I think I’ve never really loved vegetables is that I’ve settled for canned, frozen, and processed.

2) Lots of fruit. Sweet tooth. Hello. If I don’t have a vegetable with breakfast, I make it (and WILL make it) a point to have fruit. And if I don’t have a vegetable with at least one of my snacks, it must contain fruit instead. I allow one snack a day that doesn’t include a fresh fruit or veggie. That might loosen up in maintenance, but for the most part, each time I eat I need to include fresh produce of some sort (or frozen if fresh is unavailable, preferably not canned).

3) Protein is important, but there are more ways to get it than chicken. Measure or at least eye out meat portions to stick with 3-5 ounces (for big meals), and learn to include other sources like beans and limited dairy.

4) Stop eating after the after-dinner snack. I assume this will continue to be one of the hardest things for me; I love to eat after the kids go to bed. But exercising then helps a lot, and on the days I don’t exercise at night I just need to learn to have my snack a little later so it can take the place of my movie or showtime munchies.

5) Usually, pass on the starch at dinner and replace it with a salad. Not to say I’m not going to have pasta, rice, or potatoes ever again, but typically at home it is easy enough to pass up. On nights when I have a starch with dinner, measure it and keep it to about 1/2 cup in order to maintain portion size.

6) Learn about new ways to prepare food that are healthy and tasty.

7) Continue to drink water. This habit is pretty well-established in my life, though I’m still perfecting my methods now that I’m at home and not sitting at a desk all day.

8) Plan for indulgences, enjoy them, and move on guilt-free.


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