Hilarious kid now that she talks

May 4, 2009 at 7:30 pm (General Life Updates)

My little girl is so funny to me. She has recently discovered the joys of playing outside with as many neighbor kids as possible and riding her trike now that she is strong enough to peddle it even up a slight incline (not quite strong enough to go up the driveway). Anyway, the last week or so this has consisted of the neighbor boy, J, who is maybe a couple years older than her – perhaps 6, the boy across the street KJ – barely or almost 5, and a girl from down the street who is probably about 6 also. It is good to see her making friends, actually speaking to people that she hasn’t put through years of silence to earn the right to hear her talk. It is good to see her moving around and not watching so much TV  (my fault I know).

Today I finally gave in and went out to read my book on the porch so that I could be near the action without being bored out of my mind or hovering in the melee. I had K get our two camping chairs (only used once when I was 9 months pregnant with K2) out of the garage attic and I set them up on the porch. Toward the end of the playing hours as some of the kids were being called away to dinner (we’d already eaten ours), I heard P yell to a girl out of my line of sight these hilarious, bossy words, “hey Girl! Girl with the purse! Come here, I want to play with you!” Luckily, the girl being bossed around either didn’t hear her or ignored her. I called over for P to be nice and she groused, “I am being nice, I don’t know her name!” Anyway, it was just funny coming from someone that 6 months ago would NEVER have talked to any of these people, just hovered silently nearby and then called them her best friends later in the safety of our home.

K2 had a blast running around with the big kids, touching the car as many times as possible in as many places as possible to get the dirtiest hands possible. He pushed the stroller around, tried to ride the KJ’s bigwheel, and generally expended energy. P got a slight sunburn from the late afternoon sunshine and didn’t want to come in even when all the other kids had gone in for their dinners and it was starting to get a little dusky. I imagine its a good thing I have a long list of books to read, as I might spend a lot of time on our front porch.

If I can get the backyard in some kind of kid-playing condition, I could sit back there in some shade while the kids play, since the front of our house faces the lowering sun instead of with the sun in my eyes on the front porch. But I haven’t worked on the back yard since the one time over a week ago. Gotta get myself psyched up again to spend some hours out there.


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