Stupid, but afraid of jinxing it

April 10, 2009 at 12:35 pm (Uncategorized)

I haven’t told any of my friends, I’ve told some family, but only my parents and my sister that lives in California. Some of K’s family that live in Utah know.

We might be moving. To Utah. Soon.

It all depends on the job – the job that K’s old and dear friend sort of offered him in a month to a month and a half. But that wasn’t an actual “employment” of K. So I’m left uncertain of how proactive I should be about getting the house ready to sell, how aggressively we should be trying to sell K’s business. And uncertain of whether telling anyone will jinx it. Now, I’m know that’s stupid. But I can’t help but FEEL like talking about it excessively will make it NOT happen. OR, that by telling anyone if it then doesn’t happen I’ll feel like a fool. So I’m keeping it to myself and feeling so overwhelmed by all that needs to be done that I’m not getting anything done. Typical.

Yesterday I was talking to K about this agonizing limbo, and he promised to call the gentleman in Utah and try and find out how certain this whole thing is. So that we know what to do. But I probably still won’t tell anyone, and they’ll most likely find out if they ever drive by or visit and happen to see a For Sale sign in our yard.

In the meantime, most of what needs to be done is going to cost some money. We have to get carpet installed (we have carpet in the garage), clean the walls in our bathroom and paint (some mold), clean up the backyard and put in some breeze (clay-like rock) and grass seed, spackle some spots on the walls where the metal bars are exposed, caulk the kitchen counters. Those are the main things. Oh, and clean out the garage and perhaps pack some stuff up and take it to my mom’s so that the house doesn’t look so full for when we have to start showing it (hopefully).

Amidst all this turmoil (mostly in my head since I haven’t DONE anything yet), I’m still on track with the diet. Yesterday at the office I ate the stuff I brought with me for my lunch and snack and allowed myself one mini Snickers. I also had picked out a butterfinger chocolate egg, but put it back when I realized I didn’t want it bad enough to use 45 calories for it. Was down to 210.5 this morning, a new low. Pretty exciting.

But I really need to get off the computer and DO something today. I haven’t done any cleaning this week, and only one load of laundry that I’ve yet to put away. I did sweep the kitchen floor and unload the dishwasher, but that’s just a blip in the bucket, so I should get to work. I should, I should, I should. Go!


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