Sundays and 213

March 29, 2009 at 3:34 pm (Daily Workouts/Eats)

Sundays are tiring and restful at the same time, and I like them. The kids and I go to church first thing, which can sometimes be kind of stressful since K doesn’t go with us (due to work) and I have to contain K2 on my own for 3 hours in a setting where he’s supposed to be relatively “quiet”. But I still like it. We get spiritually uplifted, hopefully, and if not, K2 gets lots of time to walk around and be cute for other people besides us. Anyway, then we come home, have lunch and he’s plenty tired for his nap. Then we have a peaceful few hours and often go to Monument for dinner at my parents’ house, or just stay home. Sometimes K doesn’t have to work Sunday nights – other times he only has to work for a couple hours and he leaves after he helps me put the kids to bed. I like Sundays.

Today, we went to church. I don’t know how much I heard and absorbed of the lessons due to containing K2, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Came home and had a yummy hard-boiled egg & spinach wrap w/ carrots. Have just been hanging out this afternoon and we’re leaving in about an hour for Monument. So I don’t have to cook dinner. 🙂 And K doesn’t have to work tonight. Yay!

I was down to 213 this morning. So exciting to hit 17 pounds lost! So close to 20! I probably won’t stay at 213, it might go up again before it goes down again, but I’m feeling good about this process today. The tracking in sparkpeople seems effective, tracking not only calories but fat, protein, and carbs. I’ve also had it start tracking fiber for me so that I can make sure I’m getting “enough”. I mean I have enough trouble staying ‘regular’ as it is. So I’m trying to stay around the 1200-1300 range, but I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt my body or my weight loss to take it up to 1500 a couple days a week to make sure my body knows I’m not starving. But 213! Yay! I don’t feel so far away from 200 anymore, like it isn’t impossible. Feeling good. I had 2 small chocolate Dove eggs today that were given to me at church. And I’m logging them, and I’m glad I had them. I gave the Hershey’s kisses that were in the baggy and the little cookies to K2, and ate the two little eggs that I really wanted.

I’m actually looking forward to the challenge of this coming weekend travelling to Utah. I’m going to challenge myself to go running when we get there if its not after 9 PM, and if it is to go on Saturday at a minimum. Preferably, I would go Monday morning before we leave to come home as well. I’m going to order wisely off of menus and eat reasonable portions, and my goal is to maintain my weight loss while there. I want to continue to eat mindfully – remembering 3 meals and 1 or 2 snacks maximum (usually when traveling, my meals are all over the place, wacky times, big gaps between, with lots or no snacking). And on Saturday I won’t have a second snack because I plan on having a dessert Saturday night when I go out to dinner.

P is back in school tomorrow after her spring break. I’m also going to go to the library when I pick her up to see if they have any of the books from my list to read this week and to take a couple to Utah.


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