How come weekends fly by even when they are no different than weekdays?

March 28, 2009 at 7:11 pm (Uncategorized)

Today has gone really fast. I got up, got the kids dressed and fed breakfast, and arranged for my mom to come get us so we could go to her house for a while. I have these worksheets that I made in Word for P to practice her letters, but needed to laminate them. Well, Mom has a laminator. Anyway, I barely got my breakfast made before my mom arrived and we took off. Spent the middle part of the day there, laminated the sheets (they turned out GREAT!), and discussed my weight loss approach. I showed her my tracking in sparkpeople and her fresh eye helped me find the place where I change my goals. So my goal in sparkpeople is not to get down to 165 by the end of October. I wanted to “do” it quicker than that, but it wouldn’t let me because that would have meant more than 2 pounds a week. Anyway from 215 to 165 by then put my calorie recommended intake at about 1200-1500, which is where I’ve been the last few days. So now I’m not so worried that I’m eating too little. Not sure how many calories that would put my maintenance level at, but I guess I can figure that out when I get there. I’m going to continue to track my weight in my excel spreadsheet, but I might stop putting my food in there since I’m putting it into sparkpeople. I also will continue logging my exercise in Excel because I don’t like tracking it in sparkpeople- too cumbersome.

I was back up to 215 today, but I’m trying not to let it worry me. Its only one pound and little dips and rises are to be expected, right?

Will walk for 30 minutes tonight. Church tomorrow morning. Had K inflate my exercise ball today, so I’m excited to have different exercises to do with that starting Monday.


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