Calories up a little bit – maintained

March 27, 2009 at 11:18 am (Uncategorized)

Stayed at 214 this morning. Drank my full 64 oz of water yesterday. Ate around 1300-1350 calories. Walked for 45 minutes. It was a good day.

Its been snowing since yesterday early afternoon, and I’m feeling kind of cooped up. The kids are bugging me – granted, I’m not paying them enough attention. I’ve been in a binging kind of mood for a couple days now, but I’m refusing to give into it. I haven’t lost 16 pounds just to turn around and eat it all back on. Today is the last day of spring break, and I can’t/won’t really leave the house because of the nasty weather.

I also need groceries. I got paid today, and could feasibly go purchase some fresh produce and yogurt, staples of my diet over the last few weeks. But again, I’m not going out in this. K likes this weather, maybe he’ll want to go get me some stuff. Probably not. He’s not home yet; I’m assuming that is because the roads are making the usual speed of travel impossible.

We leave in less than a week. I’m so excited. Not sure I can lose 4 pounds before then, but even if I don’t its fine. I just want to maintain my loss when I go and not gain anything. Which means I’m going to have to run while there (outside, no less), and eat normal times and meals like I would at home. With only one exception – one really good dessert. Looking forward to that, got to admit.

I’m enjoying Inkheart – I’m about 75% done with it. Probably will finish it today. Will have to go to the library beginning of next week to see if I can find any of the other treasures on my list.

I’ve also qualified for another reward, but I’m not sure I want to spend the money right now. A purse is what it was supposed to be. We’ll see.


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