No office this week

March 26, 2009 at 10:40 am (Uncategorized)

Because of scheduling conflicts and the potential blizzard coming in this afternoon, I am not going to the office today, or this week at all. Kind of relieved, but there are some things I should work on at home to get a few hours. Not right now, though, as I’m on my own with K2. It is kind of a strange feeling not having P here this morning. She usually wouldn’t be here anyway, but I would have seen her this morning when I took her to school. Instead, she’s at her first sleepover with a friend. I haven’t gotten any frantic calls from the friend’s mom, so I’m assuming all has gone relatively smoothly.

I’ll go get her in about 40 minutes when K gets home from work with the car. K2 is missing her, I think. I’m also thinking she might need a nap this afternoon – I can’t imagine it was easy to get all the kids to sleep in that tent the mom had set up in her living room. Crazy lady. 😉 I’m excited to see her at the same time I’m not. It is quiet here without her since she’s the only kid I have that talks. Ha! Of course, K2 makes his own kind of noise, but he’s relatively content this morning so I’m not too anxious to get P back. Is that horrible? Anyway, I hope she had fun. Potentially, her little friend could be moving away and so could we, so I hope she makes friends like this easily. There aren’t really any more girls her age in our ward, though, so that is going to be sad if they move before we do – IF we do.

Down to 214 this morning, another new low. Not going as fast, but I think that’s good. I upped my calories a little yesterday – not much. Was around 1200-1250. Today I’m aiming for around 1300. Ran hard last night and did arm weights. I’m so excited to have my collarbone visible again, I keep feeling it like I’m afraid its disappeared again. Not to say they are prominent or anything – I still have plenty of fluff – but I can feel it and see it in the mirror, and its been a while. Stayed up until about 11:15 last night reading after all my routine was done, and then I remembered the chickens in the bathroom and decided to go downstairs and rig them a nest to cuddle into for sleeping if they so chose. Is that stupid? Anyway, I rigged it out of 3 terry cloth cleaning towels and when I picked them up and put them in it, they seemed to like it. Though they did hop out after a minute and continue roaming around the bathroom. I hope they remembered it and used it to sleep, but I don’t know. Too bad I don’t have a bird-spy-cam. Ha!! For someone who doesn’t want the stupid birds here, I’m sure talking about them a lot and going to some trouble for them. Grrrg.

I’m reading Inkheart right now, and it is entertaining so far, though it is interesting that I’m so far into it and still don’t know what its really about besides books. A little slow getting going, but entertaining at the same time. I haven’t seen the movie – I don’t like to see movies first when I read books because then I can’t formulate my own mental images as I’m seeing the movie in my head. Some of the other series that are on my list to read:

Artemis Fowl series by Eoin Colfer
Septimus Heap series by Angie Sage
House of Night novels by P.C. Cast & Kristin Cast
The Edge Chronicles by Paul Stewart & Chris Riddell
Fablehaven series by Brandon Mull
The Host by Stephanie Meyer (not sure I’m going to bother)
Mortal Instruments Trilogy by Cassandra Clare
Want to RE-read Harry Potter series & the Twilight series

Most of these are books written for the youth age group that I technically don’t qualify for anymore, but in my struggle to overcome by addiction to “romance” novels (read: sleeze), I want to read books I can be relatively sure aren’t going to have any “junk” in them. Plus, these youth books are fun! I’m trying to read Harry Potter to P, but she might still be a little too young for those – too many words and not enough pictures. 🙂 So perhaps in a few years she will want to read them on her own – I hope the movies won’t have ruined that for her, because she LOVES the movies.

I’m going to go to the library before we leave for Utah next Thursday so that I can take some books with me to read. If I’m to have any hope of not killing time at K’s brother’s house by rummaging in the kitchen, I’m going to need to have something to do while we’re there. There’s always some down time when we’re not doing anything, no friends or family are visiting or being visited by us, and the kids are playing or sleeping. Usually when there, any down time is filled with food of some sort, but this trip has to be different. I’m hoping to be down to 210 by the time we leave – that’s 4 more pounds in the next week – and I don’t want to gain any of it back while there. Though that might be a little unrealistic considering I’m going to allow myself at least one big dessert.

Well I guess that’s all the rambling from me for today.


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