I guess I’m glad its Friday….

March 20, 2009 at 11:06 am (Uncategorized)

but it doesn’t really make much of a difference in the way my day goes. K is still gone this morning for his morning cleaning account, the kids are still here and needy all day. Dinner still has to be made since we are broke right now and I’m still on my WOE. K2 still leaves around 5:30 for work tonight, I still need to do the dishes, exercise, and take a shower. Fridays aren’t really any different than any other day of the week besides Sunday.

It was cloudy this morning, and it made it possible for me to sleep in until almost 9:30, until K2 started making noise. Since then all I’ve really done is do the dishes, feed the kids, myself, and wash my face & brush my teeth. No big accomplishments there.

Last night after dinner, the kids and I went for a little walk. We saw a older couple walking a couple of little dogs, and K2 was determined to chase them down. When I tried to turn a corner to go a different direction than after the dogs, he threw a royal fit. So we quite literally chased this couple down until I could say “excuse me” and ask if K2 could meet the little canines. They were very generous about it – and K2 was hilarious. He was fascinated but he wouldn’t get close enough to touch the little dogs. He kept crouching down and holding his hands to his shoulders in this weird pose. And then I had to pick him up to get him to agree to go in a different direction after the folks started walking again. Then on the way back we crossed paths with a little puppy, which again had K2 amazed and happy. It got kind of cold by the time we got home and I was thinking I should have put my kids in jackets, but I guess they’re fine.

Fish is gone. The dog. YAY! His new owner finally came and got him on Saturday night. It is SO NICE without him here. I don’t always have to wipe Cloud off when she comes in and she is so much more quiet and undemanding. My next goal is to start taking her for more walks as it gets warmer. I’m going to get one of those gentle leader leashes that goes over her nose to see if I can get her to stop pulling, and I think regular walks will make her happier and more content.

My day in the office today is the second time I’ve gone and not eaten out of any of the chocolate jars there. I had my lunch and snack that I’d packed for myself. And it wasn’t even hard. I got some stuff done at the office. I need to do a little bit of work this afternoon to get one thing off my list and then I’ll submit my timesheet for the week.

I was up 1/2 a pound yesterday to 217, and down to a new low this morning, 215.5. Pretty cool. I’m hoping to be down below 210 by the time we go to Utah in 2 weeks, a low I haven’t seen in almost 4 years.

There is a baby shower tomorrow that I’m supposed to go to, and take a gift. So I need to think of how to handle that today, since I don’t have any money. Eeek.


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