Quiet Afternoon

March 15, 2009 at 3:30 pm (Uncategorized)

Last night I put the kids to bed, exercised, took a shower, and skipped doing the dishes so that I’d have time to paint my toenails and prepare my lesson for church today. Its weird how much more feminine I felt with my toes manicured and painted, amateur as I am.

Today’s lesson went well, felt very good about it and I hope I can remember the things I taught and implement them more and more in my life, even if no one else remembers that makes it worth it.

Since P and I got home from church, we had lunch and then we headed up to Monument to ransack Mom’s fridge since they left for a week-long trip yesterday morning and had a bunch of perishables that she said I could take so they wouldn’t go to waste. We got back a little after 2. Since I didn’t take K2 to church this morning and he SLEPT the entire morning away without waking up K, he is awake now and will likely be awake until bed time. Which throws my afternoon off a little and seems like it will make the rest of today drag on. I’m used to having that break from him for a few hours in the afternoon. K is sick and has dozed off in the chair “watching” Comedy Central.

218.5 this morning. That is 11.5 pounds down. I feel good. Next reward at 215 is a new purse to use when I don’t want to use my huge diaper-bag purse.


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