Weigh in dilemma

March 10, 2009 at 9:52 am (Uncategorized)

This morning I weighed in while I was still half asleep, and as I went about my morning (a little hectic) I couldn’t remember what it had said for sure. I knew it was down, and my half-asleep brain had thought it was down .5 pounds, but I just wasn’t sure.

I got up today, got dressed, got P dressed, gave her breakfast and did her hair, went up and woke up K2, got him changed and dressed, came back downstairs and got them both into coats. We left to take P to school, dropped her off, signed her in, loaded K2 back up and headed home to check his shot record. He has an appointment this afternoon to get his 15 month shots (nevermind that he’s 17.5 months old), and I was pretty sure his shot record hadn’t been updated in a while at his old doctor’s. Sure enough, after unloading him, rifling through the file and finding it, it didn’t have any recorded since a month after his birth.

So we loaded back up and headed off to the doctor’s office. He ate a banana in the car and drank his water, and that seems to satisfy him for a while. At the doc’s, we went upstairs, waited for them to write all the other shots in his little card, and then went back down (on his own steam, so slow going), loaded up and came home. Where I decided to weigh in again, not having had any water or food and just not sure what the score had been earlier.

Well, if I calculated correctly this morning it would have been 220.5, but when I stepped on the scale at 9:20 it said 219.5. So now I don’t know which weight to record. I think I’ll go with 220.5 since I’m positive the number hadn’t been under 220 – that is so unfamiliar that I would have woken up all the way. No, I think it was 220.5. And just to be safe so I’m disappointed with a “gain” tomorrow, I’m going to put 220.5. Either way, this is awesome! I’ve lost almost OR OVER 10 pounds! In a week and a day!! Holy cow – I’ve never had success this fast, well at least not in my recollection. I suppose one of my drastic diets back in college might have yielded such quick results, but I don’t think so.

I haven’t been brave enough yet to add one of the “LIFE Healthy Extras”, but my mom and I went shopping last night and I did purchase some low-calorie popcorn and some fat-free puddings. I’ve also got more fruit and veggies stocked up, though not enough to make LIFE soup again. Like I want to.

Other than K2’s shot appointment today, not much going on. K is working right now – I would expect him home in about 45 minutes to an hour. We were going to load the kids up in the wagon and go hand out flyers for aerating, but it snowed a little this morning and is pretty cold out there. We could bundle the kids, but I’m just not sure K will still want to do it. Also not sure how we’d work that in with K2’s shot appt and his nap, so we’ll see. I go to the office on Thursday this week, and I don’t have anything else going on that I know of – no meetings, no appointments, no activities. Sounds kind of boring, so I’m going to have to make sure to keep busy somehow or I’ll want to eat. 🙂 More.

2 more days until that weird spike of 109 views is off my Stats chart, and I’m strangely looking forward to it. I know no one really reads my blog regularly and I’m okay with that. That spike was really strange and unexpected.

Talked to my sister Sunday night. She is doing WW again, and it is going really slowly for her since she doesn’t stay on plan through the weekends. She had a baby back in December, and I’m sure she’ll reach her goals even if it takes her a while. She always does – after each kid (this is her 3rd) she’s gradually looked better and better until she looks like her old self again. A little jealous, me? Maybe. But I’m determined to make a difference in my own life without all the whining this time. Or going back to doing nothing and whining about it.

I got my first reward last night – funny since it looks like I’m almost qualifying for the second already. Anyway, a cute pair of silver hoop earrings with some cool detail that gives them a lot of character. I’m excited to wear them, though I probably won’t until Thursday when I go to the office.


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