New low

March 6, 2009 at 11:37 am (Uncategorized)

I only saw 224 on the scale one time last summer when I was going full speed ahead on my little plan. And it definitely took more than 4 days to get to it. Of course I started a little higher that time, but not by much. It was exciting to see 224 this morning. And I didn’t wake up starving, just mildly hungry.

I’m substituting a couple of meals today, having the same breakfast as a few days ago and going to repeat the lunch from a few days ago as well since I have more thawed chicken in the fridge. I think I’m going to run out of lettuce soon and going to need some more. There has been a LOT of lettuce consumption for me over the past 4 days.

Today is a low-key day. I want to get some laundry done, some vacuuming. Maybe a walk with the kids if its not too windy. Also want to spend some time working in P’s workbooks. I went to a parents’ informational meeting last night for her new kindergarden in the fall – and it made me nervous for her! They were so positive and excited about all that they teach the little kids, but it made me wonder if she needs to know a lot more than she knows now before she goes in order to do well. It renewed my determination to stop being so self-absorbed with my dieting in order to spend more productive time with her learning. Don’t get me wrong, we spend tons of time together and we do stuff together. But not a lot of productive learning time. I want to emphasize the letters she’s learning at preschool – one a day. I know lots of repetition is what eventually makes her learn something. So we’ll do some of that today, perhaps with the flashcards and workbooks.

Just got done vacuuming the whole house, including some edging downstairs in the couch cushions and in the sliding glass door edges. Now I’m online doing some emailing, and then I’ll start some laundry. Actually, going to start the laundry first and come back to the email. Later!!!


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