Temper, temper

March 5, 2009 at 10:16 am (Uncategorized)

I honestly don’t know if my kids are being more annoying than usual, or if I’ve got a shorter fuse than normal. None of this is helped by the fact that I think my TOM starts this weekend so I’m probably suffering from some PMS. Yesterday I lost it multiple times with K2 – he’s driving me crazy. I also lost it with P at bedtime. I decided last night to wake up and “choose to be cheerful” so I’m going to work on that today and not let them get to me. I need to learn to feel when a “losing it” episode is going to come on and instead of yelling just leave the room until I feel better, more calm. That’s going to be my new approach, so I just have to remember it now in the heat of the moment.

P is at school; they’re having a little tea party today that they all dressed up for and they get to use their good manners that they’ve been learning. I had to ask the teachers to please serve P something besides tea to drink; I couldn’t believe they were serving 4-yos real tea. What, coffee at 6? Anyway. I hope she has fun. She was sure that everyone was going to love her dress; usually we save her dresses for Sunday so this was fun for her to get to wear one somewhere else.

Tonight is the parents’ meeting at JICES and I’m not sure how I’m going to work it. I’ll be home from work at about 4:30, and then I should make some kind of finger food for Enrichment to take and drop off even though I can’t attend. And then I don’t know what to do with the kids while I go to the meeting. I don’t know if it would be allowable to take them? Probably disruptive. I’m going to have to see if K can rig his work schedule so that he can stay home for an extra hour or two. Should be interesting getting this day done.

With the picking P up from school, the office, and then that meeting, I’m not sure how I’m going to fit in making the time for my foods on this diet – I’ve cooked a lot over the last couple of days. Of course, I have some leftovers, so maybe its going to take some repeats today. Turkey burger salad for lunch and something simple for dinner. Not sure anyone is going to eat the leftovers from last night’s dinner – it wasn’t great. It had an okay taste, but the flavor was too strong and salty. I overdid my modifications to the recipe, apparently.

Anyway, tomorrow I don’t think I have anything going on, except perhaps going and buying myself some reward earrings. Then Saturday I am watching my SIL’s daughter, A for the day.

225 this morning, so up .5 pound, but still at the 5 lb increment. I wonder if that is because I pushed my dinner back to 6:30 so that I wouldn’t be so crazy hungry all evening. And the sprinkling of rice. Shhh.

Gotta go get showered and ready for the office while K2 is still cheerful. He’s shut himself in one of the rooms upstairs right now. Tempted to just leave him there. 🙂 But I’ll let him out.

Oh, K found out yesterday he lost an account due to dishonesty and stupidity on the client’s part. Upsetting, especially when that means we are down enough that he has to let 2 people go and maybe take on a morning account in Pueblo to make up for the deficit. Not sure what’s going to happen.


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