Two Full Days of diet – down 5.5 lbs

March 4, 2009 at 10:48 am (Daily Workouts/Eats, Weight Loss)

When I stepped on the scale this morning, I was expecting/hoping for another pound down. 226 or so. So I was pretty shocked when it said 224.5. I only reached that low once when I was following my own program before last summer, and it only lasted a day.

I’m trying to be realistic – actually, almost pessimistic. Just to guard against disappointment. And I’m telling myself to expect to go back up tomorrow, by at least a little. But I’m secretly (not so secretly if I’m typing it out) hopeful that this will stay off. Slow down, but stay off.

Last night I was hungry. I’m going to have to do something about eating dinner so early and then dealing with a growling stomach for hours before I go to bed and all night long. That’s how last night went. I’m in the beginning, exciting stages of this diet, so a little hunger feels like a righteous sacrifice, but that’s not going to hold water for long. Its going to get annoying. So, what to do? I think I’m going to have to push my dinner back to at least 6 PM. Right now, we typically eat dinner around 4:45, 5:00, so that we can eat with K before he leaves for work at 5:15. So by the time I go to bed at 11 I haven’t eaten in 6 hours. That’s kind of ridiculous – no wonder I’m down 2.5 pounds since yesterday. I think I’m going to have to make dinner, let K and perhaps K2 eat, and then I’ll eat later with P since she always objects to whatever I make and has to get really hungry before she realizes I’m not going to give in and give her something else. If I eat at 6 and go to bed at 11, that’s only 5 hours. Perhaps I could add a couple almonds or pistachios around 8 PM (literally like a couple tablespoons) just to ease the aching hunger. Or maybe the hunger will get better? Not sure, really. We’ll see how tonight goes. But I don’t think its going to be either worth it for long, or healthy for long, to go that long without food during waking hours over too many days.

In other thoughts, my breakfast was great this morning, and even better because it was easing the hunger ache that woke up with me. Vanilla Pumpkin Pudding is what she calls it in her book and its basically some non-fat vanilla yogurt layered or mixed with pumpkin puree with a dash of slivered almonds and cinnamon. Pretty darn good and satisfying, a full bowl of that.

Last night I walked for 30 minutes since I really didn’t feel like doing T-Tapp. No offense to T-Tapp, but I don’t think I’m going to be doing it for a while. I’d just much rather walk or run on the treadmill and do some leg or arm exercises with some weights. Its what I’ve done in the past that has worked, and (embarrassing) I can watch TV while I’m doing all that. For some reason lately, I just really want to be entertained while I’m exercising. At least it gets me to do it, whereas if I make myself stick to T-Tapp I end up doing nothing because I don’t want to watch her for that long instead of an entertaining show. Again, nothing against T-Tapp – it works, it is SO good for you, and it is comprehensive. For now, though, I’m going to stick with what I know I’ll make myself do every night.

I think I’ve been bugging my mom. We started this diet together; it was actually her idea. She knows a lady at work that has been doing it for a while and dropping weight like crazy while singing the praises of the doability of the diet. Anyway, we both tried to start on Monday with what we had in the house. I went shopping Monday afternoon, Mom went Monday night before she even got a copy of the book (we were going to share one, but she let me use it first and then when we decided to do it she decided to just go get another copy – she paid for both). Anyway, we talked Monday and last night about how it was going, and I think I’m giving her way more detail than she wants or needs. And honestly, I don’t know if she’ll have great results because I don’t know if she’ll stick to it or if she’ll ‘modify’ it here or there to suit what she has available and what she wants to eat. I want her to lose weight, but I don’t think she believes she can, and this is the first actual diet that I know she’s tried in a few years. I hope she has success with it, as I hope I do. But I’m going to wait for her to call me today, and if I don’t hear from her I’ll assume she doesn’t want to discuss today’s results/thoughts.

One last thing – I’m going to wait until tomorrow to see if I stay under 225. If I do, I’ve already qualified for one of my 5-lb-increment rewards!!! After 2 days! I’ll probably have to wait until Friday to go to the store and reward myself, but this time it will be a pair of earrings. And at this rate, I better decide on the reward for 220 as well since it is fast approaching! Yay!


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