Fasting – way to make it difficult, K2

February 25, 2009 at 10:37 am (Uncategorized)

K2 woke up crying at 6 AM. Now, I know that is not early for many mothers, their kids regularly get up in the pre-dawn hours. But I am used to my kids sleeping in until 8 or later whenever they are allowed. And when I say used to it, I mean K2 is 18 months old and it has probably been over a year since he’s woken me up that early.

I got him to calm down and placed him in bed with me after changing his diaper. I rubbed his legs while he laid there and then I tried to doze off. He never went back to sleep, but he did lay there for about an hour just relaxing with his blanket and thumb. But at 7 AM he’d had about enough lying around and he got up and got off the bed and headed downstairs. So then I had to get up, too. Double ugh.

So now it is shortly after 9 AM and I’m tired and feel like I’ve been up for ages. None of this helps with my fast today, especially since I’ve been battling pretty strong hunger for about an hour already. Some water has helped, but I have quite a while to go. K’s nephew is here, but it was a pleasant surprise to find out when his dad dropped him off that he’ll be back to pick O up at around 11:30. Not a full day like I’d thought it was going to be. He’s not any trouble, it just adds to the work to have another child around.

I don’t think there’s anything else going on today. I have to do some homework and email some numbers to our tax guy – result of our tax appointment yesterday. And I should do some cleaning and perhaps some laundry.

I didn’t exercise last night. I found myself having a dillemma. K had unhooked our old TV in the middle of the night Monday and hooked up the one we are buying from K’s sister – it is a Magnavox 37″ TV that is quite nice. But, there are a couple problems. 1) They didn’t give us the power cord. Now, I solved that problem temporarily Tues morning by using the power cord from my treadmill – just experimenting since the holes looked the same to see if it worked. It did. But I can’t watch TV and run at the same time if the treadmill power cord is powering the TV. I almost had K stop yesterday afternoon on our way back from some errands to get one, but he said that his sister has the cord they just forgot to bring it. He said he’d get it from them after work last night (so I’d have it this morning) and I didn’t think that would be a problem because I was going to do T-Tapp last night. Problem #2) They also don’t have a remote for this TV, which we thought would be fine because we use our Dish Network remote. But the Dish Network remote is working the satellite just fine and we can change channels and everything, but it isn’t working on the actual TV. So volume … and switching inputs to show the DVD input … isn’t working. So I couldn’t get the DVD player to work with the TV last night and therefore couldn’t do T-Tapp, either. I don’t have it memorized well enough to do it without the DVD. I thought about kicking P out of my room and doing it up there, but she was watching her customary cartoon before bed-time and was all settled in.

So, bottom line is I didn’t exercise last night. And I’m facing the same problems this morning – I was going to run today but I still don’t have a power cord because K didn’t get it from his sister last night – “they have to find it” was the response I got from him when I mumbled at him in the middle of the night when he came to bed. And I still don’t know how to get the DVD to work.

Choices – 1) I can do T-Tapp upstairs when K2 goes down for his nap. 2) I can go out and buy a power cord and run this afternoon or tonight. 3) I can take one of the dogs for an outdoor walk/jog. 4) I can try and figure out how to get the DVD player to work on the TV. I’ll probably do this one regardless of where and how I exercise today because it needs to be done whether we have a remote or power cord or not. K might have it hooked up wrong.

Since I’m also not eating today, it would be to my benefit to keep busy. I’ve considered taking a nap when K gets up, but then it might be harder to get to sleep tonight so we’ll see.

231 this morning – again kind of disappointing after not eating anything all evening.

For how much time and energy I waste/spend on thinking about and planning my weight loss endeavors, I’m not seeing equal returns at all. Makes me want to figure out what I’m doing wrong. Undoubtedly, eating too much. Dangit.


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