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February 24, 2009 at 10:16 am (Uncategorized)

Last night after I ran for 50 minutes, I dove into the apple crisp that a friend left on my doorstep while I was putting the kids down. I swear, best apple crisp I’ve ever had. It was a birthday present, and she included a recipe card for that and one other thing that she makes that I love with the b-day card. So nice.

Anyway, I ate half the small pan of apple crisp before I started to feel like that was enough. Since I didn’t have dinner it wasn’t as much damage as it could have been, but it still wasn’t good. Especially since it was after 9 PM.

After that I stayed up watching TV until about 11:45, then went to take a shower. Suffice to say I didn’t get to bed until after midnight. P came in and got in bed with me after a few hours – not sure exactly when. But she’d only been sleeping in K’s spot for a few minutes when he came and let the dogs out, which if I wake up for it, is my signal that he is home from work. And then when he came to bed, I guess he didn’t feel like moving her, because he went and slept in her bed and he’s still there.

P did go to school this morning. The only way we could have gone to Cave of the Winds was if K2 could walk or be carried the whole way, and I wasn’t prepared to risk having to carry his 30 lbs around for a couple hours. No strollers. They’ll probably go without us, and I hope they do because then they can tell me what its like so I can be prepared when we do get to go. I’ll have to take K2 with me to pick up P, because K is supposedly getting up any minute to leave for Thornton to go pick up an aerator. And he has to be back by 2:30 so we can go to our tax appt at 3:00. I think I can hear his phone alarm going off upstairs right now. Which probably means K2 can hear it in his room and he’s going to want out soon.

So I plan on spending the morning doing a little cleaning, playing with K2 a little, and getting the paperwork ready to haul to our tax guy’s office. I’m dreading it, and that doesn’t even really describe how I feel about this. I think we’re going to have a problem, plus we’re going to owe taxes. But that’s not even the highest on my worry list. But I don’t want to get into that here. I just want to skip this afternoon and have it be this evening.

Tonight I think my parents will come pick us up so we can all go to dinner one last time before my SIL leaves tomorrow morning. K will be working, so we’ll have to squeeze 4 adults and 4 kids into the Pilot. Should be interesting. After dinner there, which I’m going to try and limit to perhaps a salad and an appetizer, I’m going to start a fast tonight.

Was down to 230.5 this morning. Hopefully within a few days I’ll have the weekend worked off and will be back down to 227 and dropping. I’ll probably do another fast this weekend, perhaps Saturday night to Sunday.

Well, that’s about it from here. I know this isn’t very interesting or enlightening, but I’m glad I have this stuff written down so I can remember. I’m notorious for not having memories of things that should be imprinted on my brain.


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