Damaging weekend

February 23, 2009 at 8:42 pm (Uncategorized)

Weight and health wise, it was a damaging weekend. But it was a great weekend so I’m not going to regret any of it.

To sum up:
Friday morning, the kids and I went with my SIL and her two kids to Bear Creek Park where K2 got to climb and slide for the first time he could climb up by himself. The kids swung on the swings and slid a bunch and then when my mom joined us from her doc appt, we went on a mini hike interspersed with pauses to snack on Strawberry Fig Newtons. It was a nice little hike, with a couple of pretty steep patches for those of us pushing strollers. But the kids were having a blast. At the top of the hill we paused to enjoy the view and rest before going back down, and I got a call from James Irwin Charter School telling me P had gotten picked in their lottery to go to kindergarten there this fall. Which was a surprise for me because I thought she’d missed the lottery and was on a waiting list. Regardless of how it happened, I had 3 days to come in and sign the letter of acceptance to formally reserve her spot. So while I chewed on that for a while, we went back down the hill and loaded everyone up to head off to Panera for some lunch before going home.
After Panera, we came back to the house and I sent my SIL off with the kids while Mom waited for me to pack up some clothes for my two for the weekend. And then I sent her off, and we were miraculously, strangely, alone for 2 days.

We spent the afternoon lounging around the oddly quiet house watching a movie and talking. Then we packed our things and headed off to check into our hotel, which we thought was just a mile up the road. We had to stop by K’s employee/friend’s house to get a check for a business deal that was going to pay for our weekend. And then we spent the next 2 hours getting more and more upset. We couldn’t find anywhere that would cash the KeyBank money order after bank hours – not Walmart, King Soupers, or all the “check cashing” places we went to. Then we gave up for a while to go check in and were told that the reservation that K had made there was actually at another Marriott in town way on the north end. She even pointed it out on a map. So we headed up there in the worsening weather, wondering how the number for the hotel we’d wanted had planted us so far north. But we got there and it wasn’t that Marriott, either. So we headed to the one that K had thought she’d meant before she pointed it out on the map, which was south and west, the “full service” one. And sure enough, they had our reservation. But they couldn’t take us because we were going to pay cash, cash we didn’t have yet, and they wanted to put a hold on all the necessary funds for 2 nights on our debit card. But our debit card doesn’t have that much on it – that’s why we needed cash from the check that it looked like we weren’t going to be able to cash until Saturday morning.

By this time, K, easy-going, laid back K, was livid. He was ready to call our BIL and his sister who were watching our house to tell them we were coming home. But I asked him if I did the talking and he didn’t have to deal with her, would he be okay if I could convince the first hotel lady (where we’d wanted to stay all along) to trust us to pay cash in the morning and let us stay there. I’d already called incognito just to see if she had rooms available and what the rate was, and it was cheaper than our reservation rate anyway.

So, I called her. I told her the whole story about driving everywhere, not being able to cash the check, not being able to stay where our reservation was because of the absence of funds on our debit card, wanting to stay there in the first place, etc. And she said to come on over and they’d make it happen. I got emotional at that point, having wound tighter and tighter over the previous 2 hours of K being so irritable with the situation. She told me to breathe and I thanked her profusely and told her we were going to get something to eat and then we’d be over. At this point, neither of us wanted to eat in a sit-down, waiter-d restaurant, so we went to Chipotle and had very satisfying burritos. After taking off the appetite edge, we headed back across town to the original hotel and dealt with that same girl, who was very nice (good thing since she’d sent us on a bit of a goose chase). We left our things in our pretty, relatively new, room, and headed off to possibly see a movie. We found our movie, bought our tickets, and had about 30 minutes to kill so we went to a nearby Walmart and I got some candy after we looked at a couple things we’re thinking of buying.

The movie we saw was Taken, which was very intense and entertaining. The theater was almost empty, which was great since the more crowded the theater, the higher the chances you’re going to sit in front of a chronic-chair-kicker. It was a late movie, so when we got back to the room we pretty much just wanted to sleep. We watched TV for a while and then snuggled in – to not sleep very well on the QUITE comfy bed. Weird, but true.

In the morning, I got up about 9:30 to go check out the breakfast spread. I got dressed in sweats and a t-shirt and headed down there, only to march right back to the room when I saw the abundance to convince K to get up and come with me. There was fruit, fruit juices, cold cereal in the those cute little boxes, milk, yogurt, oatmeal w/ various toppings to choose from, bagels, pastries, english muffins, egg patties, sausage, bread, a waffle maker with syrup. I think that’s about it. It was quite impressive. So we had a nice breakfast and went to get ready to go cash our check. After cashing it at the nearby KeyBank we went right back to pay for our two-night stay as we’d promised.

And then we were off for our day’s adventures as a couple with no kids in tow. And we spent basically the whole day window-shopping (from inside the stores). We compared all the TVs at Sams Club to Walmart – 3 different Walmarts. We went to Home Depot and looked at flooring options. We went to lunch and then kept window shopping. We finally headed back to the room in the late afternoon to change into swimming suits and go take advantage of the pool and hot tub, which we delayed for a few minutes in our room in hopes of the pool emptying out from the few people in it. And it did and we had it all to ourselves for the 45 minutes or so that we were down there. We’d never been in a pool or a hot tub together in our 5.5 years of marriage, so it was something fun to do together.

After we got dried off and dressed upstairs, we headed out for some dinner at Macaroni Grill and after dinner we checked out the dollar movie theater in case there was something we wanted to see. We were going to see Quantam of Solace but it wasn’t showing anymore due to technical difficulties (the reel probably broke), so we saw Seven Pounds with Will Smith. I cried.

We got back to the room a little before midnight and we were both pretty tired. We watched some TV and then went to sleep – poorly, again. I woke up Sunday morning for that fabo breakfast spread again, but this time I had to enjoy it alone because K didn’t wake up until about 11. I watched TV and relaxed after breakfast while I waited for him to wake up and for the last minute that I had to get ready so we could check out by noon. We showered, packed up, and left – sad to see our time there over. At home, we hung out with C, the BIL watching our house since K’s sister was still asleep, for about an hour and then we headed off to Monument to spend some time with my SIL and parents and to get our kids. UP there, I basically made most of my own b-day dinner since it was something we were experimenting with per my request. It turned out yummy, but I learned some stuff about how to make it next time I try it.

After dinner we hung out for a couple hours, cooked some brownies and left after dessert to come home for some much-needed rest for us and the kids. They had a blast without us, but I think they were glad to have us back. 🙂

Anyway, that about sums up the activities without a lot of details as to conversations and such. We had such a great time talking and laughing and just hanging out together alone for a while. I’m so glad we did it, and I’m sad its over. But it is nice to get back to business as usual, though its taking me a little time to get my ‘head in the game’. 🙂

Today, we went to James Irwin to sign the letter of acceptance and then we went and signed K up for the GED test, which he is going to take on April 7th. After we got home, my SIL and mom came and got P and I so we could all go to lunch (I left K2 behind with K so he could get a nap). We went to Johnny Carinos, which was delicious. I’ve spent most of the afternoon dinking around on the computer. I made a quick noodle, tuna casserole for the kids for dinner, but I haven’t eaten since Carino’s.

This weekend of no exercise and rich foods put me back up to 232.5 this morning. I’m assuming some of that is water retention from being dehydrated basically all weekend, but I ate a lot don’t get me wrong. Today hasn’t been too bad since I’ve only had 2 meals with a little bit of chocolate.

I plan on running after the kids are in bed tonight. I would have done it this afternoon if I could have gotten it together mentally, but I was also really full from the meal at the restaurant. I’m pretty sure I’m going to start a fast tomorrow night until Wednesday night.

Tomorrow will be pretty busy. I’m going to pull P from school so that we can go to Cave of the Winds with my mom and SIL since this is our last day for activity; SIL leaves Wed morning. Then, K and I have our tax appt for our 2008 taxes at 3 in the afternoon. I don’t know when I’m going to the office this week, but it won’t be until Thursday at the earliest. Wed we’re also watching K’s nephew – that’s an annoying story in and of itself. They wanted us to watch him today too, but I’d already told K’s other sister that I couldn’t watch HER kid today with too much going on. And they never actually asked us to watch the boy today or Wed – it was an imaginary conversation they had with K in their own heads. Okay, I’m not going to talk about that anymore, because I get too annoyed.

All quite eventful. Things should be settling back down after tomorrow to be more routine. P might have a couple of playdates coming up, but hopefully I can spread them out so they are only one a week, and maybe not this week since there’s already so much going down.

I’ve rambled on quite enough. I think I’ve recorded everything I need to remember. Phew…..a long one. Sorry.


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