Unrealistic, but disappointed nonetheless

February 19, 2009 at 11:08 am (Uncategorized)

Last night when I got home from work, K had dinner almost ready – some quite tasty enchiladas.

After dinner I waited for my mom and SIL to arrive with her kids for a visit. And waited. And waited. They finally arrived at about 7:20, a time I’m usually starting to think about getting K2 ready for bed. They stayed until 9. It was good to visit, and nice to have them here and see my SIL and her kids. But I didn’t put K2 down until 8:45, and P not until after they left at 9. But I hadn’t had my yogurt, and I hadn’t exercised.

So, after I put P down for bed, I got changed and came down to set up the treadmill and run. Even though I got started after 9:15, I ran/walked for 50 minutes. Then I did a few pushups and tricep ups (don’t know the name for that).

When I got done it was well after 10. And I decided it was too late to eat my yogurt or anything else for that matter. And I didn’t have anything. Let me say that again. AND I DIDN’T HAVE ANYTHING. I watched the rest of Biggest Loser that I’d been watching while I worked out, I turned off the TV, and I went upstairs to shower and go to bed. I was very tired as I got in the shower, and shortly after I got in, P came into the bathroom crying. I tried to comfort her with words from inside the shower while she sat on the potty almost the entire time I showered. But she cried pretty much the whole time. She was forcing it, though, so I hurried but I didn’t hurry frantically. After I got out, dried off and pajamas on, I held her for a while and rubbed her legs since she said they hurt. Then I put her back to bed and went to bed myself. That was about 11:15, but it took me a while to get to sleep unfortunately. And I didn’t sleep great. Around 3 AM I got up to go the the bathroom, and K wasn’t in bed yet, though I was pretty sure he was home.

Yesterday morning, the day after my fast, I weighed in at 227. I have to admit that after not eating anything past dinner last night and working out so hard, I thought perhaps I’d be below that today. So I was a little disappointed when I weighed in at 227 again this morning. But I’m not going to let that number dictate ceasing my efforts. I’m doing pretty good at eating reasonably, not binging at night, and working out most days. I have to believe that joined with some ESE days, that I’ll be able to start shedding some weight. And I guess that first 3 pounds is a good start. I don’t have to see a change on the scale every day to know I’m doing well. Right? Right????

Well, I’ll proceed. I still haven’t decided which days next week will be fasting days. But I don’t have another one planned until at least next Monday.

Tomorrow is our mini-vacation! Can’t wait!


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