Coming off the fast

February 18, 2009 at 12:13 pm (Uncategorized)

I posted yesterday about my busy day during the fast. Part of the business was spent making my first ever sweet n sour chicken. It turned out pretty good, and I’ve already made some notes about how to make it a little better next time.

After I posted last night, I spent some time with the kids and then cleaned up the kitchen and did the dishes. Then I put the kids to bed and worked out. I did a T-Tapp TWO, but I didn’t do the whole thing. I went for about 45 minutes, basically until Hoe-Downs. But I was losing my form and was really tired so I stopped there. I’m happy with my effort, though I think if I can do it in the afternoon, it is easier to do the whole thing.

Then, I immediately went to the kitchen for my snack. 🙂 Sad, a little. But I did have a good moment. I decided that the bagel from Panera was two days old and that I should eat that for sure. So I did, and it was very yummy. As soon as I finished it, I headed back into the kitchen to have the yogurt I’ve been pining after for 2 days. And I held it in my hand, looked at the calorie content, thought about my workout and how I’d already had a very satisfying bagel …. how the yogurt would keep and be just as good the next day, or even the next. And I put it back, closed the fridge, and walked away.

And didn’t have anything else to eat all evening. YAY ME!!!!

Today, I haven’t eaten yet. I woke up at 9 and came downstairs after getting dressed to start breakfast, and realized I had a message from a fellow-mom. The kids were supposed to be at her house for a playdate in 15 minutes, and she had just remembered to send me directions to her house. Ooops! I’d totally forgotten. So its a good thing she called! Anyway, after getting the kids ready to go and giving them both a quick breakfast, I got them over there shortly before 10 and came back to the house to get ready to go to the office ……

Now I’m ready to go, and I’ll leave in about 5 minutes to go get the kids. After getting ready, I finally had breakfast at 11 AM, my regular oatmeal. I’m going to take a hard boiled egg, string cheese, some carrots, and an apple to work with me, which will hopefully keep me out of any and all chocolate jars located on various desks. Hoping for a productive, quick afternoon, so I can get home and make dinner and see my DH before he heads out to work. I will run tonight on the treadmill while watching Biggest Loser – I watched American Idol last night to save BL for tonight.

Not sure what the next days hold in store – my SIL got here last night but I haven’t seen or spoken to her yet. I’m assuming I’ll hear from them (her and my mom) sometime today to arrange to do something tomorrow. If I don’t do anything with her tomorrow, I’ll go visiting teaching with my companion from church to meet the sisters that we visist since we just got a new route.

Gotta go…. hope everyone is happy and in control today!!!


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