Good day

February 17, 2009 at 6:58 pm (Uncategorized)

Today has been a good day. I got up at about 8:45, leisurely got the kids ready for the day. I didn’t have to waste time feeding myself breakfast since I was fasting today. Last night was difficult; I got a little crabby. But I didn’t eat anything after finishing the cobblestone from Panera right after dinner. Turned the TV off shortly after 10 to take a shower and then studied my scriptures for a few minutes before lights out.

Anyway, this morning. After the kids were ready for the day, I left K2 on the bed with K, watching cartoons, and P and I headed off to her field trip to Pappa Teddy’s, a pizzaria nearby. I had to follow the school bus with another mom that also hadn’t signed up to go since she also didn’t know if she’d be able to. So we had a nice chat, and then met up with the kids at the restaurant. The guy back in the kitchen gave them a cute little demo of how to make a crust by throwing it up in the air, which they all found very entertaining. Then, they ate their pizza and had their drink. I purposely hadn’t paid for myself to have a slice since I was fasting. The teacher actually tried to feed my anyway when she saw how much pizza was going to be leftover, but I resisted. Yay me! It was remarkably easy since the decision had already been made. The pizza looked really good, but since I didn’t even know that restaurant was there or that it was so nice, all that made me do was decide we should go there during regular hours sometime as a family. On a day when I’m not fasting. 🙂 The kids all had a good time and enjoyed their pizza and socializing, and that’s what’s important. Then they got back on the bus and myself and the other mom headed back separately to meet them at the school and go home.

After picking P up and coming home, I hung out with her K2 and K for a little less than an hour and then headed off to get my hair cut at Veda. I got it trimmed, shaped, and thinned and it looks really good right now. 🙂 Too bad I won’t be able to re-create this look completely. When I got home around 2:40, K and I spent some quality time together while P played on the computer downstairs. Then, I started dinner. I roughly followed some recipes and made sweet ‘n’ sour chicken with rice, which turned out very good for my first attempt to make it. Next time I’ll try to have more veggies on hand to add to it, but it was yummy anyway. That broke my fast, and now I just need to keep my snackage this evening under control. I’m definitely going to have a yogurt, but will strive to limit myself to just that.

I also need to exercise tonight, and have already changed into workout clothes. I’m going to do a T-Tapp workout tonight and then watch Biggest Loser, although maybe I should save Biggest Loser for tomorrow night to watch while I run. For some reason I like to run while watching that show.

Tomorrow, nothing is happening in the morning and in the afternoon I’m going into the office. I don’t think there’s going to be another good day this week for a fast, so I will wait until next week to try and get in 2 per week. For now, today has given me hope that this method will work for a weight loss method and will help me to control my habits when I am eating knowing that I can go completely without and have the anticipation of waiting to eat something.

I’ll let you know what I weigh in tomorrow morning at. I didn’t weigh this morning after an evening of no eating, but I weighed in Monday morning at 230.5, so hopefully tomorrow morning will see a drop at least below that.

Getting way excited about our mini-vacation this weekend. The arrangements have all been made, even reservations at a local hotel. Yay!!


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