Plan of attack

February 16, 2009 at 11:25 am (Uncategorized)

Going to sum this up without a lot of explanation. Because a lot of explanation seems to be the set-up for me to talk myself out of something, or to wimp out.

Going to go back to Eat Stop Eat sort of method. Fasting a couple times a week. Still going to write everything down that I eat. First fast will start tonight after dinner until tomorrow’s dinner. Too bad I’ll be fasting during P’s field trip to a pizzeria tomorrow. But that will just have to happen.

Days of normal eating will still strive to stick to 3 meals and a couple of reasonable snacks. Still trying to exercise in the afternoon if schedule permits. Like today planning on running after K2 goes down for nap. Tomorrow will do T-Tapp during K2’s nap, if I’m not off getting my hair cut. I should keep extra busy tomorrow to distract from the fasting.

Back up to 230 this morning and since my TOM is over, I can’t attribute it to unusual water weight. I’ve gained about 5 pounds.

Wednesday, going into the office in the afternoon. Don’t know what is happening on Thursday, but my SIL will be in town and we might be doing stuff. Friday the same, but Friday night K and I are planning on leaving the kids with my parents and staying in a hotel for Friday and Saturday night with Saturday spent together all day, alone. We might go do something, or we might just lounge around the hotel all day. We’ll see. Sunday we’ll return to get the kids and have a b-day dinner with my family and SIL.

Saturday is my 33rd birthday. And I’m 5 pounds heavier than I was when I had my epiphane about needing to lose weight by my 33rd birthday. Suck.



  1. dreamology said,

    How do you cope with the fasting. I get really grumpy when I am hungry.

    Happy birthday for Saturday too!

    • farebear said,

      Hey Dreamology – Thanks for the comment! Always cool to see someone is reading some of this blather that I write about.

      As for the fasting, I’m kind of used to it. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, otherwise known as Mormon, and I grew up fasting about once a month for religious reasons. And when we do a religious 24-hour fast, we fast for a purpose (like to help someone who is struggling or help ourselves if we’re struggling), we start and end the fast with prayer, and try to keep prayer in our hearts the whole time (easier said than done). Also, we don’t eat OR drink.

      So when I do a fast for Eat Stop Eat (dieting purposes), I get to drink water and that is a huge help to me. I also find that unless I keep busy, I do get hungry, and sometimes crabby too. So as much as I sometimes want to plan my fasts for days when nothing is going on so I won’t miss out on any good food opportunities :), I find that it is good to plan it for a day when there is a lot going on, because then if I feel twinges of hunger there is stuff going on to distract me. Bottom line, though, is I sometimes get grumpy too. But I get grumpy when I’m well-fed, too. I often don’t know why I’m feeling out of sorts. So I figure if I’m fasting and I get grouchy, then at least I know why and can try to do something to distract or cheer myself up. First inclination is to buy something, but since we’re broke that doesn’t always fly. 🙂

      Anyway, yesterday was my first fast in a while that wasn’t for church, and I did get hungry. But it felt good to be giving my body a rest from all the junk I’ve been shoveling into it. And I felt I had more control coming off of the fast than I’ve felt I had in a while.

      Thanks again for the comment and the birthday salutations! Have a great Wednesday!!

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