Bored and out of sorts

February 13, 2009 at 11:13 am (Uncategorized)

That’s how I felt yesterday, and it made the struggle with/against food very difficult. I think I prevailed, sort of. Could have done better, but could have done so much worse.

The only part I’ll write out here is that after dinner and the kids were in bed, I re-convinced myself to exercise. But since I’d already decided to do nothing, I didn’t make it all the way back to full effort. I walked briskly for 40 minutes, with a few intervals of sharp incline. Slightly disappointed in myself for not running, but it just wasn’t in me last night. Then, I drank a lot of water and had 2 fruit snacks packages accompanied each time with a small handful of almonds. Those cinnamon-brown sugar almonds are like candy! So, as far as night-time snacks go it could have been worse. But I still wish I’d limited myself to one fruit snack package.

Today is Friday. Niece is here, so we have an extra kid. K got home at 2 AM, which I’m hoping means he will get up earlier than usual since that is 2 or 3 hours earlier than his usual arrival time. I plan on exercising this afternoon, and then maybe taking a nap. Might rent a pay-per-view tonight – there are a few I wouldn’t mind seeing. Have niece again tomorrow, but only until 2:30 or so.

Got paid today – not sure when I’ll go and spend it on myself for birthday. Maybe I’ll call today and make a hair appointment for next week and go get my shoes that same day.

Having a really bad break-out on various areas of my face. They hurt. I’m hoping that the reason I’m breaking out is a mixture of hormones from TOM this week, body brushing again and getting my lymphatic system working, and exercise and healthier eating. Working out toxins through my face? Unpleasant and unatractive, but hoping that those reasons mean it will pass soon.

Fish’s soon-to-be new owners came and got him last night for a weekend trip to Texas. So he won’t be back until Sunday night, maybe Monday morning. Can you say hallelujah? I wasn’t woken up one time with dog-teeth grinding. It was awesome.


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