Small successes

February 11, 2009 at 10:05 am (Uncategorized)

Last night I convinced myself I was going to walk while I watched Biggest Loser. And I ended up walking/jogging in intervals for 20 minutes and then doing intervals with a fast walk and a sharp incline. It was a good workout and it felt good. I was so glad I didn’t convince myself to just sit on my butt.

Also, I recorded everything I ate yesterday. And it wasn’t exactly a healthy day of eating but it could have been much worse. After my workout the only thing I ate was an apple with a couple tbsp of natural peanut butter. It tasted good, but unfortunately the top of my mouth is raw and sore right now from something I ate last week. It was puffy and sore at first, and now it is deflated but raw. And it hurts to eat almost anything.

Anyway, I was happy with myself for just eating the apple. And recording it. And I turned the TV off and went to bed at about 10:40. I didn’t sleep very well, and K2 woke up at 7:20, though I made him wait until 8:00 before I went and got him.

Tomorrow, Friday, and Saturday this week we’ll have my niece, A, here at the house for the day. I’m not really looking forward to that, but the main reason is because on Friday and Sat if my kids sleep in, I won’t get to because I’ll have to get up to meet her. But that’s okay. She and P will have a good time playing; its been quite a while since they’ve had quality time together since we haven’t watched A since October. I plan to let them watch some TV, but I hope to keep them busy coloring, cutting and pasting, and anything else I can think of so that they have enriching days. Today, P and I have to go to the store and buy 18 valentine cards for her class party on Thurs morning. Then we have to write “From P” on the back of all of them. P is worried since she doesn’t know how to write her name. So I think I’ll let her draw the “p’s” in her name and I’ll do the rest. Or perhaps it is a good opportunity to teach her to write her name. We’ll see.

Today is another day of writing everything down that I eat. I had oatmeal with cottage cheese and craisins for breakfast, and I’m going to have lunch and dinner and a couple snacks.


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