Interesting Conversation

February 10, 2009 at 7:23 pm (Uncategorized)

Ever had a conversation with someone where they told you a whole bunch of stuff that you already knew but had been suppressing or ignoring? Well, I had one of those conversations today.

Someone at work – I’ll call her B – reminded me of a whole bunch of stuff that I’ve been ignoring. Let me see if I can list them in a succinct fashion without a blow-by-blow.

1) It is my responsibility to help my kids form good eating habits. What they eat and when is at this point up to me, and I should take that responsibility seriously and let it help me improve my eating habits.
2) I need a lifestyle change, not just a quick fix for my diet problems. And that is going to take effort.
3) One of the best starts is replacing any and all trigger foods with healthy snacks that both the kids and I can eat. Such as cut veggies (not very many that I like) or almonds, string cheese, flavored water, and fruit.
4) Smaller portions and a structured eating schedule can help me get my binging under control.
5) Find the type of activity/exercise that entertains me and that I enjoy so that I won’t get bored and opt for inactivity. This is a hard one, because I think if given the choice, I’d almost always opt for inactivity. And I think I got rid of all my dance exercise DVDs.

And so on. All things that I already know but they all seem especially relevant right now with me being so fed up (no pun intended) with myself and my stupid eating issues. She also suggested seeing a nutritionist or getting my eating disorders diagnosed. But I don’t see how the latter will help – I know my eating is disordered. Putting a name to it isn’t going to make it any easier to make the necessary changes.

So I haven’t had an absolutely stellar day, but the really telling time of how all this pondering and introspection will pan out is coming up. It is evening and the kids will go to bed in about 2 hours, and then it is up to me to put my money where my mouth is – instead of food. So to speak. So staying out of the kitchen is my goal tonight unless I have an actual hunger pang – and then my choices are applesauce, kiwi, apple, or string cheese. I’m still contemplating whether I’m going to run/walk or not. I’m not in the mood to do T-Tapp for sure, but I think a nice jog would feel good, especially while I watch Biggest Loser. 🙂


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