Teeth and Accountability

February 7, 2009 at 11:26 am (Uncategorized)

Just a couple things to mention today.

K2 is getting 2 new molars on the top, one on each side. One has broken through his gums, but the other one is super-swollen and still bothering him. That’s the only explanation I can think of for how much a PILL he’s been the last few days. Argh. He’s driving me … mad. Hopefully when that second one breaks through he’ll return to being his usually happy self. And start eating well for me again. Of course, part of that problem is that he wants to feed himself and sometimes he just can’t. I gave P a bunch of my old MK samplers of eyeshadows that have been discontinued and she’s spending some quality time right now painting her face like a circus clown. Though she thinks she looks like a princess. I’ve taken pictures.

The other thing was my new idea about accountability. I was thinking I need to write down everything that I eat and then have someone look it over each week. Someone that I would be embarrassed/ashamed/etc. enough if they saw that I’d binged or whatever. I can’t have my mom do it, because I’m not embarrassed if she sees that I ate 4 candy bars and a gallon of yogurt (never actually happened but you get the idea). So now my problem is figuring out who I can impose on that could really look it over, not just as a token gesture, and give me feedback. And in theory, knowing I have to write it down and hand it over to this person would help me restrain myself. But I can’t think of anyone that I could or would ask this of so far. I have some ideas, but I just don’t know. Then there’s how I would record it. If I use the computer exclusively, then I am sitting here way too much and that’s not how I want it to go. I also don’t want to stop recording my intake if I am away from a computer for any length of time. So I’m going to have to do it manually. Perhaps knowing I might have to key it all in once a week to email to someone will help me from eating it so there will be less typing?

In theory there are people you can pay to do this sort of thing for you – but I don’t expect this person to be a nutritionist in their analysis of my intake. Just perhaps – what made you eat all that? Or how can you prevent that from happening again? Of course, I guess I can ask myself those questions. Duh. I just don’t know.

First things first. I’m going to get a little notepad – hopefully today – that will fit in my purse or pocket. Probably from the dollar store. And start writing it all down. Keep it on the counter and put it in my purse when I go to the office or church or my parents’ house.

Speaking of. They are coming this afternoon to give my birthday present to me – my b-day is coming up in a couple weeks. It is also my DH’s birthday present though his b-day isn’t until April. I have no idea what the present could be, but I’m interested to find out.


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