No self control with certain things in the house

February 4, 2009 at 11:28 am (Uncategorized)

I have none when there is a pint of vanilla yogurt available, and cascadian farms chocolate chip granola bars. Both of which are now gone thanks to last night’s binge. Argh!!

I still have yogurts in the house, but they are individual portions, which helps a little. There are still other sweet things available, like big bags of sweetened cold cereal and fruit snacks, but none of that is as lethal to me as the yogurt or granola bars.

So, tonight I will reinvest in the plan I posted of yesterday. An active day followed by a circumspect evening. I only go major shopping once a month and I can’t seem to deny myself the yogurt or granola bars. But if I make that kind of mistake only once a month…. well, let’s hope that’s okay.

I will find out by this weekend if I’m pregnant or not as my TOM should start Saturday or Sunday. I honestly hope I’m not at this point, but of course I want more kids so I’ll be excited as well. But I want a little more time for my body to get in shape and I’d rather not get pregnant until after we get back from Costa Rica, if we get to go. In reality, I’ve not spent the time since my last miscarriage and before that since K2 was born getting in shape, so what makes me think I’m going to do it now? Well, I have to, don’t I? And even if I’m pregnant, my getting fit efforts need to continue.

K2 is saying a couple things these days. He’s been saying boo for a couple months now – quite vehemently when he steps out from behind furniture. The last couple days, I’ve gotten him to say my daughter’s name, though it sounds more like Poppa than her name. But I know that’s what he’s saying. Momma comes out when you ask him, but I don’t think he knows that’s who I am. He’ll also say meow, thought it sounds more like mow (said like now). That’s about it for now, but he’s learning new stuff fast. He also knows the signs for more, thank you, and please, though he doesn’t really know how to use them on his own. He talks a lot, but it sounds like a weird mixture of clingon and French.

P is learning to recognize her letters and numbers. She has learned a bunch of the numbers at school, but we’re working on recognizing letters at home. I feel like I should have taught them all to her already, and struggle with the guilt of not having done it while I was battling my own selfish demons. But I don’t get a redo on how I raise my kids, so I’ll just have to do better from now on. I also need to look into when I have to get her registered for kindergarten if I want her to go this coming year. I know I’ve already missed the deadline for the charter school that everyone is raving about. Dangit. The deadline was the day before I started looking into it! Argh!


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