Groceries Galore

December 7, 2008 at 1:50 pm (Uncategorized)

We got the advance. There wasn’t really time to do anything but cash the check on Friday and pay a couple of the necessary bills, but yesterday, I went grocery shopping.

I really need the budget to go grocery shopping more often. Maybe then I won’t feel the need to go entirely insane. I think I did pretty good yesterday. I went to Sams and then Walmart, and I spent about 290 total. I got a lot of stuff that I don’t have to buy every time I shop, like a huge bag of noodles, flour, jam, chicken broth. I didn’t go crazy with the “snack” items like crackers or granola bars. I got cereal that I think I can leave alone. I did get yogurt, but I got a generic brand that is in small 4 oz portions, so I hope to keep that under control. I got a lot of items that I wanted in order to make some dinner recipes. I also got some vegetables and fruit. But weekly grocery shopping would keep us in fresh food, and that is very important since I’m trying to get the kids to eat more vegs and fruits.

If I really wanted, I could probably convince K to let me use $35 of the money that is left to register for WW. But would I follow through? I’m torn.

In other news, I’ve decided which race to set as my goal race. It is a 5k on June 20, 2009 here in Colorado Springs. It is actually right downtown, called Sailing Shoes. I’m hoping knowing about it over 6 months in advance will mean my little bro T can come out to run it with me, though he’ll be running the 10K course.

K hasn’t moved the treadmill into the living room yet. He promises me every day that he will, and then it doesn’t happen. He has to have help stronger than me, but any of the guys that work for him could come help him do it, he just hasn’t asked yet. I’m getting anxious and hope to be able to start using it on Monday at the latest. I know I can’t use that as an excuse to not do anything – I could walk or run outside, I could start doing T-Tapp again. And I haven’t done any of that. Pure laziness and habit. It takes so little time to revert to habits of inactivity, its frustrating.

Well, I better get the bag ready for church – gotta load up snacks, a couple toys, diapers, scriptures, drawing supplies. I don’t know if other people have to pack that much stuff for church, but since ours is 3 hours long, split into 3 hour-long meetings, the kids sometimes need a little help to get through it. P is pretty good and just putting up with whatever for the first hour, and then she goes to her class and Primary so she’s entertained of a sort. But K2 is a handful and he’s not in any classes yet so he comes with us. And boy. Let’s just say I don’t get to listen to the lessons and talks very often.


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