Friday Update

December 5, 2008 at 2:33 pm (Uncategorized)

I guess I should have written some stuff down before now so that there wouldn’t be so much. I’m going to try and be brief, for once.

Monday was uneventful. School for P, some cleaning for me. I’ve returned to my google cleaning calendar which lays out which tasks to do each day, usually just a couple. I’ve been doing it all week and the house is looking good. It will basically be really clean by the end of next week, and then most of the tasks start over so that I can maintain the clean, which is usually my weak spot.

Tuesday was court. I was so nervous, so tense. There were an intense 2 hours of sitting there watching the trustee handle other cases before our turn, some of which were being handled by a lawyer who is going to be in big trouble and maybe disbarred. So it was interesting, even if it was nerve-wracking. We felt pretty okay because we knew our lawyer was sitting next to us and had it all buttoned up. Then we got up there and didn’t even get out of the starting gate because of K’s paper drivers’ license, which the paralegal had told him wouldn’t be a problem. The lawyer could have told us it was, but he didn’t know. So it was an unpleasant surprise for him and us. Our case was continued until the 29th. For about 30 minutes after we walked out of there slightly dazed, I was devastated. But its okay. The 29th isn’t that far away, and at least we know what to expect now. I’m praying that everything will go better on that day.

Wed uneventful, except I rearranged the living room a little by switching computer tables, getting rid of the broken printer and downsizing the whole operation. This place to sit is quite nice and I like it a lot. No clutter, for now, and it takes up less of a profile in the room so it doesn’t make this corner seem dark and full of junk anymore.

Thursday was school for P, our first significant snowstorm of the winter, and lunch with my ex-coworkers. Which might not be my ex-coworkers. I got a letter from the company on the day after Thanksgiving saying my status had been moved from part-time to flex. The letter was dated Nov 5 – so I have to think it got written long before it was sent. I haven’t spoken to them about it yet, since the lunch yesterday was largely social and my employment status didn’t seem like an appropriate topic. I’m going to email my boss after I write this post to ask some questions. And then I might have to quit. Again. Sheesh. Last night was also supposed to be Enrichment for Relief Society at church (our ladies’ organization), the Christmas activity. And I totally spaced it and didn’t go, which I’m kind of bummed about today.

This morning hasn’t been much. I’ve eaten two meals so far, sort of cleaned up the upstairs including tidying P’s room and K2’s room. I “vacuumed” though it was with the stupid little Storm Vac which doesn’t pick up diddly – because I took the bag out of our Kirby (the last bag) before K remembered he hadn’t brought one of his back-pack vacs home last night. So the Storm Vac was my only other option until I can afford to buy some new bags for the Kirby. I still have to clean the master bathroom sink today, the other calendar task. I’ve also done a little laundry.

Interspersed through this entire week has been a lot of reading, no exercising, a lot of eating. We are going to move the treadmill into the living room now that I’ve rearranged to make room, but I can’t help K do it and he’s taking his own sweet time in arranging for someone to come help him. I’m anxious to get started walking while I watch TV so that I can work up to running in time for my race in the spring. The race I haven’t picked or registered for yet. 🙂

Also this week I’ve read a lot. Too much. Romances. And I’ve realized why I quit reading “romances” almost 10 years ago. They are not good for me. I get addicted, the content is often inappropriate and not conducive for having the Spirit with me or in our house, and they suck my motivation, my mojo, my whatever it is that motivates me to be better, do more, accomplish things. So now I teeter on making the decision again – no more romances. Today is the first day in a couple weeks that I’m not in the middle of one, and I don’t intend to start one. And I’m feeling a little lost.

We are waiting to find out if we might be getting an advance from K’s work today. One we desperately need. We have one more employee to pay, power that will be shut off sometime next week if we don’t pay our bill, and groceries that need buying. Not to even mention anything about Christmas for our kids or each other (probably just the kids the way things are going). So I feel like I’m waiting right now and I hate that feeling. But it looks like it won’t be before Monday since there are only 3.5 hours left of the work-week.

That’s about it. Still haven’t joined WW – don’t have the money. I am going to get some more materials from my mom though to see if that will make it easier to count points than just using the slide rule.


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