Different days

November 24, 2008 at 5:34 pm (Daily Workouts/Eats)

If a day puts me out in the world, I do not do well with weight loss endeavors.

This morning, no breakfast, off to P’s Thanksgiving preschool presentation. Which was adorable. Then off to a bunch of errands with kids and husband. Not important what they were. At presentation, had a piece of brocolli, piece of cauliflower, about 80% of some kind of bar-cookie, and 3 baby carrots. A small bite of P’s sugar cookie.

During errands, slice of the small loaf of pumpkin bread made by P in class for us. After errands, had Schlotsky’s with family – had a small turkey bacon club with no mayo and water. Not horribly bad, but it still had cheese and some sauce on it. Got home and had almost the rest of the whole loaf. It was a small loaf, but still. Unplanned days. Sheesh. Now it is 4 PM and K is leaving for work and I have no idea what I’m going to feed the kids for dinner in a while. And then I’m in for a long evening.

I just sent an email to more people than I intended. Crap. Oh, well. No real harm done, I hope. Going to go check the kids playing upstairs. There is a lot of suspicious banging.

Oooh, maybe I’ll take the kids and go to the library! I need more books to read and I do have a car. And that would kill some time. And then we could get greasy fast food since we have the money for it, at least today. And tomorrow is WW and that kind of thing will be out for the most part except rare exceptions. I’m liking this idea. Except K2 spent a lot of the day in his carseat. Okay …. going.


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