Test day – 28 points

November 20, 2008 at 7:11 pm (Daily Workouts/Eats)

I called my mother last night and had her calculate how many points I should be using for Weight Watchers, since she’d pointed out that I could start right away and didn’t need to wait until I can afford to join a meeting. Bummer. I get 28 points. Today, I thought I’d count while carrying on as usual without restricting or changing anything. And things gotta change.

My breakfast, since I typically use a tbs of coconut oil, is 8 points. If I take out the coconut oil, its 5 points. So the coconut oil, as good as it is for me, might have to go. Of course, it probably won’t keep me full as long without it. And then the day continued. With a pretty fatty lunch and some snacks, I was down to almost no points by mid-afternoon. Some of that attributed to the Country Time lemonade that I’ve been putting in my water to mask the yucky taste of the water. The filter is old in our pitcher and the pitcher must need a washing. 1/2 scoop is a point and I usually put at least 2 scoops in every Nalgene 32 oz bottle. So that makes a full Nalgene, which I sometimes drink two of a day, 4 points.

I’m going to try and calculate dinner to get a full reckoning of my day’s points, but I know I went over 28 by quite a bit. So I’m counting this as a learning experience, and I’ll consider what I need to do to get my intake down. Cutting out the lemonade is for sure. Probably the coconut oil, or at least halving it.

On my next shopping trip, I’m going to buy some no-calorie cooking spray. Its not the most natural thing, but it will cut out the oil. Also probably shouldn’t have 3 pieces of bread as an afternoon snack along with some tootsie rolls. When I have a full count of today’s intake (assuming I’m not eating anything else tonight), I’ll post the whole thing here, and if anyone in cyberspace has any suggestions, I’m open to them.

Breakfast – oatmeal concoction – 8 pts
Lunch – Ramen noodle/egg scramble – 6.75 pts
Snack – 4 long tootsie rolls – 4 pts, 3 pieces of bread – 3 pts
Dinner – chicken, broccoli, butter noodles – rough estimate 12 pts
1.5 32oz Nalgene bottles of Country Time lemonade – 6 pts
TOTAL – 35 pts

Could have been worse I guess. I could have gotten it down to 28 easy if I hadn’t had that bread or the lemonade. Or if I’d still had the bread but not the tootsie rolls. Which I don’t even like, by the way. So, live and learn. I’m still going to put the coconut oil in my oatmeal tomorrow. But I’m going to try and stay away from eating things I don’t even like just to be eating, specifically in the afternoon and evening (today’s not over yet, hopefully I’ll stick to that). I’m going to try tap water and see if that tastes good enough to leave out the lemonade. And I think if I split my lunch and snack into healthier items that have fewer points, it should be relatively easy to stay at 28.

Onward! I haven’t made a mental commitment to work out tonight. But I guess I still might get inspired. I fully intended to work out last night and did not do it. So we’ll see.


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  1. Lori French said,

    I feel like I’m butting in, but you *did* ask for suggestions!

    I know nothing about WW, but I think it’s a good program and a great way to start thinking about what goes in your mouth! My chiro, currently, has me food journaling and it is scary to have to acknowledge, to another person, every piece of carp that goes in my mouth!

    Oatmeal for breakfast makes me *hungry*!! Oil or no oil. I need protein. An apple with a small amount of peanut butter or a couple of eggs with just a tiny sprinkling or cheese and maybe just a little salsa keeps me full much longer than even doctored up oatmeal. Actually all carbs make me hungry, and once I start in the morning, I’m hungry all day.

    How about just a squirt of lemon or orange juice in your water, no calories, but it does help the flavor. It really doesn’t have to be much to disguise the flavor of plain water.

    Do you like veggies for snacks? Celery, carrot sticks? Lots of veggies are on sale here, this week, what with Thanksgiving coming. Veggies are so full of fiber, they will help you stay full.

    I know you’re wanting (ha ha) to start Tapping again, and when you do you’ll be able to have more points, won’t you???

    Hope you’ll come back over to the T-Tapp boards, soon! Whether you’re ready to workout yet or not, you know you’ll find encouragement there. I know I’m not the only one thinking of you!

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