Coming to conclusions – or trying to

November 18, 2008 at 11:16 am (Plan)

I’m trying to decide some stuff.

1) Whether to try WW again. I feel so conflicted between this and going it alone with GM/MM and fasting. But I feel like with WW I might learn to make some better food habits, where the fasting just temporarily delays the problem. Plus there’s the built-in accountability with WW. I can’t fast when I’m pregnant, so its not a long-term, consistent solution. I’m leaning toward WW, but then I have to decide when I can pay for it, hence when I can start, and where I should go. And should I invite my mom to join with me again? Or is that just wasting her time – especially if I don’t pick a meeting that she can attend with me? Do I pick a location nearest me, or a location mid-way between her and me?

2) Start tapping yet? Or just start walking? It is unseasonably warm these days, and walking yesterday (with P, so not very fast) felt good. I finished that book and it kind of inspired me to get to running again, but I know I have to start with walking. Do both? Is both too much? I’ve been so unmotivated lately….. I just need to decide I’m going to do it and when and visualize myself doing it … getting ready, when its going to happen, what I’m NOT going to do (such as plop down as soon as kids are in bed and veg out). Visualization is important for me – because if I don’t picture how its going to happen and when I just fall back on the comfortable habits I’ve fallen back into over the past month.

3) Register for a race next spring to have a goal that I’ve already committed to? I’m thinking just 5K or something like that. I haven’t participated in a race since high school cross-country, which I sucked at. There are so many races in these parts, it will be hard to pick one. And I’ll feel so much more comfortable if I have someone to do it with me….. but who?

I have some stuff I have to get done today, and some other stuff that I’ll be pleased to get done but is not urgent. I’ll probably do it all after K2 goes down for his nap. I haven’t gotten a lot done this morning, but I’m okay with that. I have to go get P in 45 minutes, and K2 has been up since I took her; he came with us. So I’m thinking he’ll go down a little earlier than normal today.


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  1. activistteen said,

    I love you blog and your post… keep on doing what you are doing. :>

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