Married and divorced

November 10, 2008 at 1:40 pm (Daily Workouts/Eats)

It is Monday. The day I’m supposed to start ‘doing stuff’. It is 10:15 AM and so far, I’ll I’ve done is take P to school and come home for a quick nap and a dream about getting married and divorced from some guy that picks his nose and eats the result. I won’t go into more detail than that – it was VERY weird. Especially since the dream never explained why I wasn’t still married to my husband and how I managed to get married to this guy at a college tuition counter. Very weird.

So now I’m up, I’ve fed K2 some breakfast. I’ve had a fun-size pack of M&Ms and a granola bar. Not an auspicious beginning. Last night I finished my room-by-room list of everything that needs to be done around here. I purposely didn’t include anything on the list that I would like to do to the house, but that would cost me money. I also left off the things on the list that need to be done but that K has to do, either because I’m not strong enough or don’t have the house-maintenance know-how (mostly caulking). The list is two full notebook pages long, 2 columns on each page. I have to admit I’m overwhelmed. I know I need to make smaller lists of what I’m going to get done in one day. So I’ll try that. But whoa, do I have a lot of work to do.

228 this morning. Basically not even trying. It is mindless the way I’ve been eating these days. The desire to be chewing – to have SOMETHING to occupy my time that is effortless. Stopping that when I don’t even think it through first usually is going to be difficult.

Went to pick up P from school, went to two banks, one to withdraw and one to deposit, went to Veda to make an appointment to have my hair highlighted tomorrow (gift certificate from work). Now home again. Now trying to figure out if I’m going to even try and get something done today. It is cold and raining outside. Have to also decide what bills to pay, and which not to pay. Behind on everything, so I probably can’t catch us up on anything. But need to pay as many as I can.

First time paying bills on the home computer.


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