Halloween’s gonna suck this year

October 28, 2008 at 10:49 am (Daily Workouts/Eats)

I scheduled the D&C. I asked for ‘as soon as possible’ and I got Friday morning at 7:30. My last day of work. Halloween. The day work is supposed be giving me a luncheon as a going away. A Friday morning, right before my first unemployed weekend. I want to be celebrating – and I feel like crap. I probably won’t get to see my daughter trick or treat, nor will I get to go to the ward party (party and trunk or treat in parking lot). I don’t know if I’ll feel up to dressing her up (she’s going to be a pirate), or if K will have to di it on his own. I was going to dress up K2, also, as a spider, but I don’t know if K can handle both the kids at the trunk or treat by himself, or if its worth it since K2 won’t understand what’s going on anyway. People have offered to take P to it if K has to stay with me. This just all sucks.

K came with me with all three kids to the doctors appointment. Little good it did to have him there but make me frazzled because of the kids. The appt took longer than I expected it to. First another internal ultrasound, then a lot of waiting. Anyway, without going into unimportant details, I decided to schedule it, and cancel it if I change my mind. The doctor didn’t like hearing that because if I cancel it messes with his schedule, other appointments, the hospital’s … I don’t know, paperwork? I’m not really worried about any of that, though I will try not to change my mind at the last minute. He was very nice, but I still won’t be going back there for my next pregnancy, uninsured and hoping to do it more naturally. If I have another pregnancy.

I have to go to work today. I’m dreading it because I haven’t been in a week, a lot of people there know what is going on, and I just don’t want to deal with it or them. But I have 4 more days of work before I’m unemployed, and I can’t hole up here and not get my hours in, especially since physically, I feel fine.

226.5 this morning.


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