Almost Monday

October 19, 2008 at 11:50 am (Uncategorized)

It is Sunday. Its been a good Sunday so far – I got to sleep in until about 10, which was awesome considering K2 was up during the night around 2:30 until after 3, and P came in the room around 6 wanting to get in bed with us. I told her no and took her back to her bed and she wasn’t very happy about that, but she just hogs too much room in our king size bed!! K2 is still asleep and it is 11:30 am. He got to bed around 10:00 because our ‘sitters’ last night didn’t think he was fussy so he didn’t need to go to bed. Anyway, sleeping in was nice. P and I had some berry oatmeal and I finished preparing my lesson for Relief Society today. And now I’m writing a post. I’ll need to go get ready for church in about 30 minutes or so, but for now, it is a relaxing morning.

Yesterday was our 5-year wedding anniversary. I tried to make myself do some chores during the day, but I’m so consumed mentally with my last two weeks of work, and my nerves about giving notice, that I had a hard time really buckling down. I did manage to do the dishes, mop the kitchen floor (which it desperately needed), and vacuum the living room. The only other thing I managed was getting ready for our date. K had his two nieces (13 and 11) come over to babysit, and we went off to PF Changs for dinner and then the Hollywood movie theater going toward Monument for a movie. Dinner was very pleasant, even if my dessert was disappointing. I had chicken w/ black bean sauce and brocolli, and K had mongolian beef. We had some crab wontons, which were very good, and K had some egg drop soup as a post-appetizer. Then we headed for the movie theater where we saw Eagle Eye. The movie was quite good. I was a little annoyed with one of the nieces who kept texting us to ask if we were going to be there soon. We’d told them about 10, but she just kept texting that she didn’t feel good, etc. Next time, I’m going to ask that the older niece come alone, and we’ll actually pay her. Because it was extremely annoying to get 5 texts during the movie, none of which were important but we had to check because what if something were wrong with the kids? And then to get back and find out that neither of the kids had been put to bed even though it was almost 10. What’s the point of giving a sitter instructions if they don’t get followed? Barring some catastrophe, I never would have done that in my babysitting days (short-lived because I don’t like other people’s children and never have).

Okay, getting off the soap-box. It was a lovely evening, our first date in months, probably since K’s birthday in April when we just went to dinner. We haven’t gone to a movie together in …. over a year? Two years? Its been a while. I think we definitely need to go on more dates, though we’ll have to imaginitive to figure out ways to do it cheaply. Maybe more time spent together would help my ‘hormonal’ levels if you get my drift, since they are less than zero and have been for a while.

Friday I didn’t work out. And I didn’t yesterday. 227 this morning. And I didn’t buy groceries and post-date, we’re out of money. So it is pretty easy to not eat much around here right now, what with the lack of food. đŸ™‚ We do have food to keep our kids alive – but it isn’t food that appeals to me. I get paid again this coming Thursday, so hopefully we can wisely use that check to get groceries and pay some bills, all of which we’re behind on.

And tomorrow I give my notice.


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