Thursday – time is crawling

October 16, 2008 at 4:50 pm (Daily Workouts/Eats)

I’m so nervous/excited about Monday that it feels like it is taking forever to get here. But I need to focus on something else, because I just remembered that I’m supposed to teach Relief Society this Sunday and I haven’t even read my lesson yet!

Today, P and I went with her school class (and the other classes) to Venetucci Ranch. I’ve only been there one time one evening when K and I were first married or dating and that was just to the ranch house to meet Bambi before she moved to an assisted living house. So I’d never “experienced” the ranch. It was pretty fun; I was bored but glad the kids were enjoying it so much. 🙂 They got to pick pumpkins out of the big field – had to be a pumpkin they could carry themselves, which wasn’t hard since there were mostly small ones. P got a green and orange one that is a little smaller than her head. Probably weighs 3 or 4 pounds. Then, we all traipsed over to see the chickens where one of the volunteers was going into the coop to check for eggs. So we watched him find 5 eggs, and the kids got to throw some bread crumbs into the fenced chicken area. Next we plodded over to the huge pen where the massive pig, Harley, was laying down. He weighs roughly 500 pounds and was taller than all the kids, with coarse red hair, and as a few kids pointed out, “he sure does got a big butt!” He stood up while they were all crushed up against the fence and scared P so bad she refused to go back to stand against the measly fence. He was harmless and loved to let the kids touch and scratch him but was a little to far in for most of them to reach him. Bean shucking and then the worm bin followed. P actually abandoned me and went all the way around the pile of bean plants to ask Mrs. W to help her find a pod with some beans in it. I was so proud of her for asserting herself, since I apparently wasn’t helpful enough. 🙂 She wasn’t very interested in the worm bin at all, which I can understand. Last on the list was the baby horse that was big enough the kids didn’t think she was a baby. She was 5 months old and P was excited to see her, but didn’t want to try and feed her or touch her. I think she was mentally done with all the newness by this point. We got back on the bus and headed for the school, where we got some cookies and then headed home. I’m glad I went and I hope P always wants me around like that. I didn’t take any pictures since we don’t have a good camera right now and I forgot my phone, but I have some memories in my head and hopefully writing it down will help me recall them in years to come.

When we got home, I packed up my computer and came to the office. I’ll leave to go home in a few minutes. I’ve been busy, but got done what I needed to. So nervous about Monday.

Weighed in at 227 this morning, luckily. I couldn’t make myself work out last night – K2 woke up from his nap really late which meant he went down later than usual and I was so tired by that time that I’d talked myself out of a workout, even a 15 minute one. So I’m hoping to get in a full workout tonight instead of my usual 15 minuter on Thursdays. We’ll see. I think I was so tired last night from the mental let-down of FINALLY having FILED for bankruptcy. It was kind of anticlimactic, but hey, it is finally, finally, finally done. After a year, literally, of stressing, paying, thinking, worrying.

Okay, I guess it is time to pack up my computer and go home. This is the last time I’ll be here before everyone knows I’m quitting. Oh, the anticipation!!!

Mom and Dad are on a plane to Japan today. I hope they have a blast over there visiting my brother and SIL and their kids, and that they take lots of pictures. I’d love to go over there – what an adventure. Probably pretty difficult with 2 kids, but I think it would be worth it if we could afford it.

OMGosh- I just remembered I have to take someone a meal tonight. Better get out of here!!!!


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