Off to the races

October 14, 2008 at 9:07 am (Daily Workouts/Eats)

Well, today is going to be one of my last days at the office before I give my notice and everyone knows I’m quitting. Less than a week. Today, I am supposed to show my good friend and coworker how I do the filing so that she can take over that duty. She was talking to our boss and it was mentioned that I’m not really on top of that task, and she volunteered to do it (she knows I’m quitting). I’d give her that task gladly even if I wasn’t quitting; it is tedious and I never seem to find time to do it when I’m in the office two short afternoons a week. I’m hoping to have time to show her how I do the electronic document controls as well, since she’ll need to know that after I’m gone. I hope our boss lets her keep that task on her list, as I think she’ll be very good at it once she practices it enough.

I also set up a meeting with my official supervisor next Monday at 1:30. I didn’t tell him what I wanted to meet with him about, but he asked if we could do my yearly goal review at the same time, which is kind of ironic considering what I’m going to tell him. But I told him I’d try to have my goals reviewed by then.

I’m going to call before work today to set up the appointment at my clinic for sometime next week. I’m at 10 weeks now, I believe, and I’ve never waited this long before to go to the doctor with a pregnancy. Guess I’m getting used to the drill. And since I’m probably not going to go back to them, I haven’t really felt any urgency. Plus, my body knows what to do at this point and I’m trying to take care of my body (though not always doing a stellar job).

Got quite a bit of work done yesterday. After that, I managed to talk myself into some cleaning upstairs. Got our master bathroom cleaned and put away almost all the stuff from our trip. So it only took me a full week to unpack. 🙂 It feels much better in our room and bathroom; I don’t feel claustrophobic when I walk in there anymore. After that, I got grumpy for some reason. Everything was getting on my nerves, P, K2, K, the dogs, everything. K made dinner while going on about his newly modified plan for selling part of the business, getting his GED, and applying to be state patrol. I was so irritated that the plan is never the same twice! It doesn’t make me feel more confident in our immediate future as a one-income family.

227 this morning. I worked out last night after putting a fussy P to bed. K2 woke up when I had about 8 minutes of workout left, and when I came back downstairs after comforting him, I decided to be done. It was still about 35 minutes of sweat-dripping, muscles-shaking workout. I watched one show while I cooled down and then went upstairs about 10 to take a shower. Before I went up, I had a bowl of yogurt w/ chocolate powder (I’d had one before my workout as well), and 2 fun-size 3 Musketeers. After my shower, I didn’t return downstairs, so my last food intake was at about 9:00. I watched a couple shows upstairs and turned the TV off at 11:07.

Tonight, I hope to do a 15 minute workout. It will probably be too cold to go for a walk with the kids. Work will be busy, and I hope K has dinner ready when he comes to get me from the office. He was texting me last night that he’ll exercise with me to help me get back into “trophy wife” shape. Considering I never was in that kind of shape, it was funny. I told him he’s been telling me we’ll work out together for 5 years and its never happened, and he said “now is the time”. So I’ll believe it when I see it. He’s very attached to his relax-time during the day and his job is very physical. He said on Sunday on our way to church that he was going to start running and doing pull-ups and push-ups and sit-ups, in preparation for applying for state patrol, but I’ll believe that when I see it, too. His 6’2″, 165 pound body hasn’t been worked out regularly since I’ve known him except for basketball a few months when we were first married when he had a buddy that he went to the complex gym with a couple times a week.

Okay, better get ready for picking up P from school and going to work.


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