Sunday morning

October 12, 2008 at 11:43 am (Daily Workouts/Eats)

Yesterday was a pleasant day, despite the rain. My mom picked me up around 9:45. We went to the craft fair where there was some beautiful artwork, impressive talent, and some cute, fun stuff. I didn’t buy anything, although there was some jewelry made with layers of glass and metal that really tempted me. But they were very expensive. After we got done at the fair, we went to pick up our family friend, D, to go downtown to the quilt show at the Pioneer Museum. We stopped for lunch at Rumbi Bay and then carried on to the show. The quilts were more along the lines of pieces of art than actual quilts you’d put on a bed or use as a lap blanket.

After the quilt show, they dropped me off at my house. It was a little after 3. The rest of the day was just low key and kind of lazy. I watched a show on the internet and watched a movie with P. We ordered pizza and I went and picked it up. I could only stomach 2 pieces, which was kind of disappointing because it had sounded so good.

K didn’t go to work until later than usual, after the kids were in bed. But he spent that time watching TV upstairs, while I watched TV downstairs. Some real togetherness.

No workout, BUT, soon after he went to work I convinced myself to continue watching TV upstairs which prevented me from continuing to eat and eat and eat. 228 this morning. I’ve really got to continue that trend and not eat/binge so much after the kids go to bed and K is gone to work. With my exercise and not-too-bad eating throughout the day, the eating at night is what’s making me gain weight. So, going to curb that.


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