October 9, 2008 at 10:22 am (Daily Workouts/Eats)

I never have interesting blog post titles. Something to work on. But not important, really.

228.5 this morning. Went for a walk last night – got a good cardiac sweat going for about 25 minutes. 10 minutes was walking with P and trying not to go too fast so she didn’t have to run. Then did the beginning of Tempo2 while the kids were in the tub and got through the first 16 minutes, which is basically the BWO+ before the kids were wanting to be gotten out of the bath. So I got them out and both ready for bed and tried to do a little more of the workout, thinking I’d go until K2 got fussy. I didn’t think that would take very long and thank goodness I was right because I just was struggling last night with the workout. It was SO DIFFICULT!! I barely got through lunges and then most of the balance sequence. Crazy how much strength I’ve lost in the last week of not working out. …….

Okay, I started this post yesterday at work and didn’t have time to finish it. It is now Thursday morning and I’m at home.

What I was about to state in this post yesterday was that I think the weekend of eating poorly affected my performance Tuesday night A LOT. And I think the key was that I drank a LOT of soda over the weekend trip. About the same amount of soda I’d normally have in about 6 months. I very rarely drink soda in my normal every-day life, and I honestly think that was what has set me back so much. I’ve gone a week without tapping before, and it is always hard to start back up. But Tuesday night I had nothin’. Granted, we had gone for a walk first so I’d already had some exercise. But its been a long time I felt like I couldn’t finish a workout. So, back to no soda for me. If I want a “treat” drink, I’ll have lemonade.

I did the workout again last night, and it was chopped up into short segments because P wasn’t feeling well and kept interrupting me. I had to go across the street to see if my neighbors had any cranberry juice (you can guess what that was for), and when she didn’t she volunteered to go get some since I was home alone with no car and a baby already asleep. That was so nice of her!! I was very grateful and am trying to think of something I can do to show them how much I appreciate all of their generosity and service. She’s always making double dinners and giving us a pan of whatever, too.

Anyway, my workout took quite a while, and probably wasn’t as hard as it would have been if I’d done it straight through without so many ‘breaks’, but I did the whole thing and felt good about it. I’ll do a short one tonight, and maybe a walk. Weighed in at 230 this morning. Trying to eat a little better, since my goal right now is to maintain. K went and got some fruit and stuff for snacks yesterday – so need to stay out of the Smarties. Which call my name at night when I’m relaxing before bed.


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