I’m back

October 7, 2008 at 2:33 pm (Daily Workouts/Eats)

We got back late last night from a great little vacation. Granted, we’re more tired now than before we left, but it was still a blast. Let me see if I can sum up without getting too verbose. Keep in mind that I’m writing this down largely for my own memory, since my upkeep of my electronic journal is sadly neglected for this blog.

We drove over Thursday through Canon City and Gunnison on Highway 50. The changing colors of the trees made for absolutely gorgeous scenery as we drove, flaming yellows, oranges, and lime greens. Strangely enough not any red. Anyway, the trip went well and without hitch. K2 fussed a bit when we were in the car for so long, but seemed to figure out there was no end in sight and it was best to just hunker down. As long as he was fed he kept pretty happy, took a couple of short naps, and yelled (screeched) at his sister a lot. Except for when she was getting upset with her brother for “yelling in her ears”, P did well also, but she has done this before. She watched a couple movies, looked at some books, and slept a little.

Upon arriving in Utah, we basically just hung out and got stuff set up for the night at K’s brother’s house (T&L). K2 went down with only about 5 minutes of crying in his porta-crib, largely due to exhaustion. P was up way too late along with T&L’s kids, who chronicly stay up too late (IMO). Thursday, we got ready for the day in a leisurely manner and accompanied T&L and kids to Costco’s for our first look at a Costco. Impressive in size, for sure. After that, we split off and went to Walmart to get a couple things, including a front-facing carseat for K2. We put him in it right away, and he looks like such a big boy.

Later in the day, I went to the mall with my SIL, L, for her to spend a couple coupons she had, mostly for stores that don’t even make clothes in my size. But her company is very enjoyable and we had a good time. We got back to the house just in time for K2 to wake up and the green chile (T’s specialty) to be done, so we went over to Aunt P’s house where K’s mom was staying for the weekend to eat the chile over rice with mozzarella cheese. Quite tasty. The girls (T&L have two girls, 8 and 3) played outside in the backyard where there was lots of trees and pretty rocks to collect. Then we all went back to T&L’s house to hang out and do nothing much for the rest of the evening, staying up way too late for not having anything to do. K and T went catfish fishing at Utah Lake and stayed out until 1 AM, so I finally went to bed when they were on their way back.

Saturday, I got up at 7 with K2, much to my chagrin. I hung out with him and P (who got up about an hour later) until 9, and then told K I had to get ready so he had to get up. I got ready to go out with my friend, ES, who was supposed to pick me up at 10:30. She called at 10:35 (thankfully because I needed to correct the directions I’d given her) to say that we needed to start the day with taking my kids to see her parents since her parents weren’t going to be around that evening (the original plan). So she came around 11:15, we loaded up into my car so I didn’t have to move the carseats, and headed over to see Mom and Pop J. They got a kick out of the kids, and the kids enjoyed all the new and different toys that were proffered. After about an hour of visiting I took the kids back to T&L’s and ES and I went off on our own. We talked about her life and problems, and then she asked how my marriage was and that got us on the topic of “intimacy” and some issues I have in that regard. Basically, my lack of any kind of drive at all. We ended up going to Barnes & Noble (research) and Lane Bryant all while we talked. At Lane Bryant, we ran into ES’s mom who was buying a pair of pants before going off for her anniversary weekend (random), and ‘mom’ bought us both the items we were looking at. That was so nice of her, and unnecessary. But hey, free stuff is hard to turn down!!!

Then, we went and picked up the kids because it was 4:30 and K would be getting ready to leave for priesthood session of conference with his brother. We ended up picking up just K2 because P was happy to stay with her cousins and aunt and watch the movie they were just starting. Then we went to a different Lane Bryant, and that sent us off to the mall to continue looking for the items we were searching for. The mall was a success, plus a pair of shoes. 🙂 By this time, it was getting late enough that K2 needed to go to bed. We took him back to T&L’s house where I put him in a fresh diaper and pajamas and gave him a bottle and put him down. By this time, he’d figured out the playpen crib and was good with the situation. I asked L if she minded me leaving again now that both of my children were in her custody and she didn’t seem to mind (I hope she wasn’t faking), so ES and I left to go get her husband and grab some dinner at IHOP. Dinner was nice. I tried not to overeat my french toast, hashbrowns, and scrambled eggs. Then, we went back to ES’s house and chatted for a little while and then they took me back to T&L’s house and dropped me off. It was so good to see ES after almost no contact for 3.5 years. So fun catching up and getting reaquainted. I’m excited to see her more regularly now that she is living back in Utah.

Sunday, after trying to watch a little of the first session of conference around chasing K2 up and down their 3 split-flights of stairs, we then put him down for a nap and watched the Broncos game. That ended around 5 and we headed back over to Aunt P’s for dinner. My brother TN met up with us there so that I could catch up a little with him; he was down to Utah for the weekend from Idaho where he lives and works right now. His life could be going in new directions soon, so it was nice to find out what’s going on with him. He couldn’t stay long, and soon after he left, my friend ER (soon to have a different last initial!!:) texted me that she and her fiancee were on their way to T&L’s house to visit. So we loaded up and headed back there where we arrived a couple minutes after ER and her fiancee and a few minutes before T&L (our access to the house). So we stood in the driveway where I was introduced to Kt, her fiancee. When T&L arrived we all piled inside and sat in the front room to talk. K2 was the center of a lot of the attention until K put him to bed. But they stayed for a little over an hour and we got to talk and I got to interact with the new man in her life a bit. He seems pretty great and really into her and they are getting married Nov 15 – so that is exciting. My plan is to go back to Utah on my own for the wedding, even if I can’t go into the temple (don’t know how that is going to pan out with our tithing issue and the bankruptcy). I’ll hopefully have enough money to stay in a hotel because it is either that or stay with ES or T&L, and I think it would be much more fun if I could just be ALONE for a bit. Goodness knows with the 3rd kid on the way, there isn’t going to be much opportunity for me to be alone around here. Plus, it would be nice for someone else to make my bed for a day.

After ER and Kt left, the adults sat around watching TV. First Run, Fat Boy, Run (which L and I had watched while the guys were fishing) and then some sports highlights and then Minority Report on TV, which K had never seen. The girls (their 3 yo and P) were up way too late, and it is definitely part of P’s exhaustion now. Which she is currently upstairs fighting, refusing to actually fall asleep.

Monday, I got up and hung out with the kids and L and her 3 yo until K got up around 10:30 and started making motions to pack us up. So then we swung into full pack-up mode and were out of there shortly after 11 to get gas and be on our way. At the gas station, though, the battery died. L had to load up her daughter and the two kids she was babysitting and come jump-start our car. The trip took a while since we didn’t really get on the road until after noon, but it went okay. K2 had had about enough by about 7:30 and made it known for a while. We finally stopped and got some dinner and changed another poopy diaper around 8:40 and that made him happy enough to stop fussing for the most part.  He dozed a little, as did P, and then we were home.

Fish chewed the carpet while we were gone, but on the up-side, my SIL (M) cleaned house a little and did some laundry. She also installed some smell-good scent dispensers for our dog-stinky house. So that was a nice surprise to walk into. It is nice to be home, sleep in our own bed, use our own bathroom and kitchen. P went to school this morning and when we picked her up we ran a couple of errands and then came home where I made some lunch for the kids and myself and then K left to take K2 to the grocery store for some food staples.

As for weight – I weighed myself this morning AFTER breakfast and was at 229. I expected worse after the weekend, so I’m okay with that. I’d still like to keep it under control enough to get back to 225 for the next few months of this pregnancy, but I can live with 229. I’ve had oatmeal concoction (so good after not having it for over a week) for breakfast and then some mashed potatoes (instant) with some canned chicken seasoned with ranch and some italian spices cooked up and some turkey gravy. I didn’t eat a lot, and the lunch seemed to satisfy the kids pretty well with some mandarin orange slices from a can. Not the most nutritionally sound lunch since so much of it was instant, but could have done MUCH worse. Not sure what’s for dinner but we’ll make something since we don’t want more junk after the weekend, and hopefully K will be bringing home some fruit that I can use to satisfy my sweet tooth.

Going to work out tonight and go walking with kids and neighbor. Tomorrow at the office, but going to try for another full workout.


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