I’m overweight, not stupid

September 30, 2008 at 3:54 pm (Daily Workouts/Eats)

So I had a doctor’s appointment today. It went fine, the lady doctor did nothing to say or imply that I was stupid except for one little thing. But really, duh! She asked if there were any health concerns that I was worried about (I think looking for large ailments like a chronic headache or heart palpitations or something). I said that I didn’t have any, except that I was overweight. She kind of nodded her head and started to say, “But that’s a … concern? big one? ” I’m not sure what word she used but she basically implied that its a concern whether I think it is or not. But didn’t me mentioning it mean that I knew it was a concern?

Anyway, she doesn’t know my history. Today was the first time I’d met her. She doesn’t know I came in 3 years ago for Meridia and then only took it for a couple weeks becuase I didn’t think it worked and it made my heart feel crazy. She doesn’t know that after being largely (no pun intended) sedentary for 4 years, I started exercising regularly again in January of this year and have been pretty steady since then. She doesn’t know I weighed 278 when I gave birth to my son and that weighing 229 now is at least some loss. Whatever she knows or doesn’t know, no one is more aware than I am of how my weight can and will affect me.

She said that since I’m pregnant we can’t test for cholesterol levels because they’ll show up a lot higher than if I wasn’t pregnant. So basically, I should do that after I have the baby to check it. For now, she had me give blood to check my thyroid to make sure it is operating correctly for the pregnancy. I thought a thyroid that was off prevented pregnancy? Anyway.

I weighed in at 229 this morning and at the doctor’s office. The last few days I’ve been overeating EVERY time I eat a meal. The weird thing about this is I haven’t been eating more than I normally do, but I’ve been feeling overfull to the point of feeling sick for HOURS after every meal. So basically, my body is asking for me to feed it LESS and probably higher quality. I had the idea last night to divide any meal I am thinking to eat in half and eat one half of what I normally would, then stop for at least 5 minutes to let my brain find out if I’m full. Then I can save or throw out the rest (hopefully save) when my brain realizes my stomach is full instead of wolfing it all down and only then realizing that I’m going to be REALLY uncomfortable for hours. So now I just need to implement the idea. I had lunch around 11:45 today and it is now 3:50 and I still feel slightly sick from eating too much. The weird thing is I had a chicken sandwich, fries, and a shake from McDonald’s (I know, not good nutritionally) which wouldn’t have been too much for me even 3 weeks ago, but today as I said, I’m feeling sick and overfull 4 hours later. My body is saying something and I need to start listening.

I’m planning on either a walk with the kids or a 15 minute workout tonight. We’ll see which ends up taking place – kind of depends on P and if she asks to take a walk and then insists. Because that option is definitely more work for me with having to load K2 and her up in the stroller, take a key to the front door, etc.


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  1. Heather73 said,

    Hey Farah,
    Congratulations on your previous weight loss.

    I’m peeking in from the T-Tapp forums and noticed you appear to be having some of the same digestive issues I was during my last pregnancy. Couldn’t eat big meals, couldn’t eat 5-6 small meals as they didn’t digest fully before I needed to eat again. Felt hungry but lots of foods didn’t like me and caused a lot of nausea, fullness and bloating. Fried foods, most grains, milk, oranges and chocolate hated me and I often had “all day sickness” that resulted in tossing my breakfast 4 or 5 hours after eating. I believe that for some people, digestion slows much more than it should during pregnancy.

    Anyway, I found that drinking a couple teaspoons of raw apple cider vinegar with a little sweetener in about 1/4 cup of water after meals really helped with the unpleasant feeling.

    Hope you find something that works for you!


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