Feeling Frantic

September 29, 2008 at 8:41 am (Daily Workouts/Eats)

Maybe frantic is an exaggeration, but maybe its not. There is just so much going on in the next 3 days before we leave for Utah for a long weekend. Today, P has school. When we pick her up K will take me to work and go to the Jan-Pro office to meet with the main guy to see if we can get paid for everything a month in advance. I got an email this morning that makes it look like we might not be able to because of all the advances K has been asking for recently, which will SUCK. So I’m worried about that. I’ll be at the office all afternoon. Then, tomorrow I have to drop P off at school and go straight to my doctor’s appointment, where they’ll have to take blood to do the bloodwork for my physical. Then home, work, go with K to get his paycheck, cash it, deposit some of it, pick up MK catalogs from my director’s house. And we’ll have cousin A tomorrow, so all of this with 3 kids in the car.

Wednesday, I have to be at the office at 10 and I’ll be there all day. Then, there is a team dinner at Phantom Canyon on Wednesday evening at 5:30, so I’ll be going to that. When I get home, I’ll have to pack and get me and the two kids all ready to leave Thursday morning at 9 AM for Utah.

This might not sound like much to some people, but I’m feeling overwhelmed by it all. I guess all I can do is take it a few hours at a time, right? It won’t be that bad. I’m going to try and fit in my workout this morning before I pick P up and go to the office so I don’t have to do it tonight. Because tonight I need to focus on washing clothes and making sure everything we need to take it clean. But K2 isn’t up yet. Thinking I’ll put on my shoes and start my workout and wait until he makes noise before I go get him. Maybe then I can finish my workout before he gets fussy after his bottle. I already have the bottle made and waiting for him.


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