A little bit down – a lot more to go

September 29, 2008 at 2:16 pm (Daily Workouts/Eats)

Like I said, I’m just taking it an hour at a time. I did my workout this morning – K2 was happy through almost all of it and only started to fuss as I finished up. But I had paused it a couple times to give him fresh toys. So that is done and out of the way.

I’m at work. I finished the document I had to get done before 2:30, and now I’m kind of at odds wondering what to start next while I wait for my conference call at 3:30.

K got paid, but not for both months as we hoped, so that is a fresh worry. We are going to come in over the 1000 exemption and we’ll owe the trustee money. But I’m still quitting and we’re going to be fine. I have to believe that. So for now, we got paid, and it will be enough for paying back K’s stepfather the money we owe him, paying our employees, our mortgage and a couple bills, and funny money for our trip. Probably not much else, which sucks since it was supposed to be enough extra for us to buy our hard-wood flooring for the house.

The lawyer called me with some last questions and I have three pieces of information I have to email her which require a little research on my part. But I will send it all to her no later than tomorrow, because I vow not to be the hold-up in the nonsense. We’re shooting for filing Tuesday, October 7th.

Tonight I can focus on laundry and making sure our clothes are clean for the trip since I’m done working out. I will also make a list tonight of stuff we need to take.

227.5 this morning. Down a pound and a half from yesterday. Oh, and I did workout on Saturday but I’ve been eating like a pig all weekend even though I don’t always want to. So ridiculous. And it has to stop. When I get back from Utah, I’m establishing 3 All-Natural days a week, maybe 4. Also haven’t made that obgyn appointment yet. I’m 8 weeks along, I figure it can wait until I get back from Utah and face the rest of the month.


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