Insurance sucks – but so does working

September 23, 2008 at 4:41 pm (Daily Workouts/Eats)

I’m at the office, so I probably shouldn’t be sitting here writing a post with that title, but that’s my title and I’m sticking to it. 🙂

I called Aetna yesterday to see how much continuing my same coverage would cost me if I was not employed with my current employer…. drumroll please. Over $1,200 a month!! Crazy, but about what I was expecting. Well, I guessed around 900, so I was a little on the generous side. Insurance is just ridiculous. The only way to get good coverage is to work for the ‘man’.

Anyway, looks like I’ll be becoming a homeopathic, holistic mom. Which could be cool, I guess, as long as I keep shaving under my arms and occasionally my legs. And keep plucking my eyebrows – not a requirement for all moms, but for me it is. It also looks like my kids are going to have to start going to a different doctor, one that will give me an Ameriplan discount. More research for me, yay!! Because I’m not going to go to some seedy dump just to be able to afford it. I’d rather go into debt for medical help than endanger my children by taking them to see a doctor that isn’t fully qualified. And it is too bad, because although I barely know MY physician in the same building, I REALLY like the kids’ pediatrician. She’s young (but not too young), enthusiastic, obviously loves kids, and is really sincere and helpful.

P had her first field trip with school today to a local fire station. She seemed to thoroughly enjoy herself, and when I picked her up and she was waiting for me to sign her out I saw her actually TALKING to some other little girls. And when I told her to say bye to her friends, she actually SAID bye!! It was awesome to see her opening up like that.

I looked for the books the midwife recommended to me at the library in the community center with P’s school, but they didn’t have them. They didn’t even have any books on the subject of homebirth that I could find. My SILs told me that if I put in a request they are very good at finding the books and having them sent in for a temporary assignment of sorts. So I’m going to try that when I pick up P from school on Thursday; I’m sure she’ll love getting to stick around a little longer and not go home. Since that is her main complaint EVERY time I pick her up: “I don’t waaannna go home!”

I’m going to make an appointment next week to go see the clinic that has gotten me through my miscarriage and two births and get checked out for this pregnancy. Especially since I never went in for a 6 week check up after I had K2 almost a year ago. Yikes. I’m going to ask them to give me a list of fees, or something to give me an idea of what it will cost me to have a baby while seeing them if I’m paying out of pocket with no insurance. I think the astronomical-ness of it will once again send me the way of midwives and home births. So again, on the research. Also researching to see if any obgyns in Colorado Springs take the Ameriplan discount. And aren’t seedy. Seedy is a definite disqualifier.

226 this morning. Haven’t worked out this week. Thinking I’ll start up tomorrow or tonight – the cough is still pretty bad but it has to start getting better soon, right? Knock on some wood?


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