Manic Monday, wish it was Sunday

September 22, 2008 at 9:34 am (Daily Workouts/Eats)

Well, I don’t really wish it was Sunday, but I don’t wish it was Monday either.

The weekend was quiet, noneventful. Friday night, my mom and dad came down and went for a walk with the kids and I, which was nice. We walked for a while and then stopped at the park, where my dad helped me push the kids on the swings, and where he actually climbed up the slide to slide down it with K2. After we got back to the house, my dad and I took a quick drive to the store to get some ice cream, which we all enjoyed together while we chatted. They left around 7:50 and put K2 down right after that and P soon after that.

Saturday dawned too early for me. Some laundry, some dishes – those were the only chores I got done. P and I went to Chickfila for lunch, where I got into a religious discussion with a stranger sitting at the next table that I just happened to overhear saying some extremely untrue stuff about Mormons. It was very surreal. Normally, I would just get silently indignant. I must be getting bold in my old age. I just couldn’t hear those things and not say something about how untrue they were. How were those poor people to know a Mormon was going to be sitting at th next table having a Saturday lunch with her daughter? Anyway, I hope they don’t remember me as psycho. I tried to be nice and sincere and answer their questions as well as I could without giving them hours and hours of discourse.

That afternoon, not much happened. K went to the store and got some staples and some stuff for him to make hamburgers for dinner. I went and rented a couple of movies around 7, one of which I haven’t even watched yet.

Sunday, I made K get up with the kids and I tried to get back to sleep through the coughing. I finally got back to sleep and slept until about 11:20, got up and watched football all afternoon with K while P played with her play-doh ‘ice cream’ set. The football was sometimes entertaining, but boy did the day go slowly. I didn’t go to church because of my cold and the coughing that has gotten pretty bad. K didn’t go because he has tweaked is neck so badly he can barely move. I’m pretty sure working last night was agony for him. Last night, I watched Army Wives and Four Brothers, both on the DVR so I didn’t watch commercials. K got home and we went to bed, but I decided I wanted to take a shower before trying to sleep since I’d grubbed it all day. I didn’t really get to sleep until well after midnight, and I woke many times for the coughing.

P is at school this morning. K2 is up and about and will either go down for a nap right before or right after I go pick her up. I’m supposed to be ‘working’ this morning. Less than a month until I give notice. I can’t wait. I’m really not sure what I’m going to do with myself with all that time, but I hope to fill it productively.

226.5 this morning. Didn’t work out this weekend as I’d intended because of the coughing. I was hoping I’d be well enough today to work out, but the coughing gets a lot worse when I exert myself. Perhaps I’ll do just a 15 minute workout.

I started emailing some midwives that I found online for Colorado Springs. The second one emailed me back this morning, the other emailed me Friday. The one I got this morning recommended that I start with a lot of reading and she recommended some books and one video. I think she’s right, so maybe I’ll go to the library this afternoon and see if I can find the ones she recommended. The branch of my library closest is not big, so they might not have it. Actually, maybe I’ll take P to the library in her preschool building and get a card there. That might be easier, as long as K2 goes down before I leave.

I think I’m going to call Aetna today and find out how much it would cost us to continue my coverage. I’m sure it will be at least 900 a month or so. Then I think I should make an appointment at my regular Obgyn and ask them how much their services actually are and how much it takes to have the baby in the hospital. I think it would be over 10000, while a midwife will cost around 3000. A big savings. But I’m still terrified to do this thing at home. I guess I have about 7 more months to figure it out.


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